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Tíscar Lara sobre

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It is a very positive slogan As it is said, it starts from a statement and that is that we are on a crisis and that digital can be a solution And I want to see it that way as well between followers of apocalypse and those integrated I try to be optimistic, not losing my critical sense, wiithin my own optimism and my evangelizing strength ... it is a bit scary to give it such a aura of religious mysticism but I do place myself on that side that tries to be positive ... about the possibilities of digital tools. I have the confidence that those dinamics that are being seen on the net in all that have to do with sharing knowledge and producing on a collaborative way that is not new on the Net but some technologies and some cultural matters ... associated to them as open source software and that have inspired... .. so many useful things like.. open licenses that are becoming important for analogue life, and which, somehow, start from there, but they are not new, even though they are specific to this world everything that is related to P2P we can search on very ancient communities from before a digital bit existed I want to trust that such native practices so natural to the digital ambit, help finding solutions to this analogue crisis that I am sure we are going through A crisis, that is not only economical, it is an identity crisis professions, rolls, The teacher-pupil roll, the communicator roll, in a lot of ambits in which we are seeing the same fissures on the authority rolls we could go farther on this way, but these would be the key factors I want to see how we can take advantage on this drive or this dash of fresh air that comes to us from the digital world, to look for analogue solutions... and digital ones And, if recoversing, certain critical sense, it is important that we are aware of what what we have at stake this halo of freedom that we find on the net, has also its own bonderies its spaces of friction that we have to defend or at least be aware that they can be closed down that we cannot take them for granted if we do not grab them and understand them as such. .

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Posted by: cibersociedad on Jul 23, 2009

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