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Alex Jones Anti-TZM Propaganda Debunked by Peter Joseph

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Hello everybody, this is Peter Joseph - August 16th 2012. I want to make a very brief web response to a video that I saw today that someone sent me, with a discussion between Alex Jones and Webster Tarpley. Some might remember I went on the Alex Jones-Show after 'Zeitgeist: Addendum' and he was little less than cordial... "I told you what they are, they're raditory kings who learned how to go underground." "I'm commenting on. This is why I want to ask the question. Basicly..." "I thought you're opposing it again, that I shall go back to my original question." "No, I just want to go back to adress it. You've gone a nice tansion, which I appreciate, but you've moved away from what my original response is going to be." "Well a complex world takes complex solutions. I'm giving actually analyzed information. Things have been thought out. "Of course, but let's..." "Not general ideas!" "Let me comment, if you don't mind..." "There's is evil. And I will declare abortion evil. I will declare our special. I will declare us a devine species in the image of god. I will not let the technocrats or anybody else tell me that, because I know we're going to the stars and I know our destiny is great and I know a little black kid that have been pesticide tested on until he die is evil. "Sure. But that evil has a source. And that's what you failed to realise." And it went on and on... and, you know, I kind of give Alex Jones a pass because I know we all get frustrated emotional, but the next day after having time to premeditate what this interview did, losing lots of fans and getting tons of criticism i know for a fact, he goes on the air and rather than tried every old redeem himself people and absolutely it shipped and decided that the entire movement in the film's was uh... new world order a looming on the religious thing anne basically planted the seeds for a lot of very superstitious propaganda any ideas cannot on on on a new world order honored membership garbage spirit the whole thing is religious views religious family to reincarnation shan group some cult these are blue support your personal nevertheless in two thousand eleven invite me back on a show of leaving on a set of ten i'm happy to go on alex but you have to retract some of the insane statements you made about myself in the movement a sentiment email with the details he never responded whenever one on a show and so it went and again that i don't think much of it i better things to do but since that time alex takes his jabs at the movement in a very dishonest way and i was sent in august fifteenth upload of alex jones speaking with webster tarp lee and ports harpley knows nothing about the movement in just follows alex jones is leading with its little bashing and erroneous projections prima fascia so ciation ds but i've reached the point of impatience with jones that i will counter this just like i started to count on many different arguments against the movement but i will say off the cuff that i think webster park was a victim here and then try and bring him on my radio show if i can ease unfortunate very busy i don't agree with partly a lot of ways but i think is broad economic views or spot on even though these guys have no solutions and they never will within their in the box thinking but this is about alex so here are some segments of the august fifteenth upload from the alex jones nightly news stare any mention zeitgeist and i said what is your view of zeitgeist because i get calls all the time sayings i guys i got to be seen fifty million times urself he put me in the first film that you were the first film i thought about a master planning computer will over these plastic cities the head of it told me he said if i didn't agree with what they wanted i would be plenary education you'll want to give credit where credit is due because i used to think bill o'reilly was really good it's been in conflict shin and the distortion of truth alex puts the guy to shame as far as his completion of the first film extending to the other two and three apparently the only thing you can think about when it comes to the scientific method apply the society is plastic houses completely missing the point once again however the main thing here is the final statement where he says that i'd told him that he would need to be reconditioned if he didn't want to be in the society one of the most dishonest things i've heard alex jones say and believe me he says a lot of dishonest things so let's go back and quickly review what i actually said since he has been using this line for about three years now in his debasement of myself in the movement okay well i i i can only continue to reiterate my central point which i don't think has been fully absorbed and i think everyone listening should seriously consider that healing condition at the focal point of view totally right now and program and i and you have been res for our and rejuvenated balcony risk analysis they are restored faith economy they would be they would be a completely obsolete they would not know what to do evalua systems of deacon air conditioning would be absolutely too and how they would have to happen this is a valuable image what what has happened but they were at that were the person or the reconditioned somewhere that that that really has a living the report of the value of that bartercard always forever restaurant here so that very obvious example of taking see a caveman from thousands of years ago and following the mountain modern day to day it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how difficult the conditioning the reconditioning of that individual would be to bring them to a level where they can understand the society there's a literacy element in that certification is but of course alex in his grand dementia turned it into this the head of it told me he said if i didn't agree with what they wanted i would be plenary education but then again it's also not without any vindictive pathology once again as he restates the fact that he did invite me back on the show and here's what he had to say here's the deal and lied to your jobs uh... staged a roar on liberia awesome and we fought five six years ago i want to be back on the said fine but you must renounce that i ever said you're going to go to a reeducation camps are or that i would be reeducated diana he sent me the video along with a look at it like back he says on the video that but i was like he was like no i didn't you must renounce it alesha will find your way all-powerful you know everything i had no idea i will all around said i will not marriage etc but uh... he did say that for those that are aware of a cognitive path ology is and it's very easy to confuse it with just someone being well with dick car repair project to do in people lack of certain perception and they're constantly cloaking their views with their own pre suppositions may can break out of it i could be wrong he might have just extremely dishonest all teary motives everything about his personality school reams cognitive path ology now i'm not gonna go into uh... the stuff stated by webster partly where he chastises my first film which again has nothing to do it is a case movement uh... for being a fierce taken in the nine eleven truth and mixing the two is a big problem when the course comparative religion uh... doesn't imply atheism for one and i live in truth is actually never the point of the site as the movie one it was about the documentary of it and the context of broad social policies that exist in society and then alex continues his comedy routine analytical plastics any work computer program by goldman sachs dalmatian that will uh... tell us what we get anyway i'm sure we can expect more comic relief from alex in the future i will say that i'm willing to go back on a show you know i might have my problems with them i might buried on us they think you need some serious psychiatric help but if he is indeed able to scrounge up some integrity with respect to this leyton dishonesty and malicious intent was myself in the movement and retract those statements i pointed out then that would be great however that's not going to happen alex jones has built a multimillion dollar delusional empire based on fear so for those out there that follow alex ask yourself one question what solution is he actually offering you know and as a closing point you know if you guys wanna see solutions in this world that's falling apart i strongly suggest you think outside of the box people like alex jones one hundred percent establishment absolutely no different form and communication in the broad scheme bill o'reilly sean hannity or glenn beck a rush limbaugh these dinosaurs of fought have nothing to offer you if you want to change the world it's gonna be a very uncomfortable put aside all of the surface criticisms and propaganda that you see online and actually digest it for yourself detached logic and reason that's all that we ask minus two joseph thank you very much

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