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Creating a Flow from Scratch

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[Microsoft Flow Creating a flow from scratch] [male] Templates are a great way to start using flows and offer ready solutions for common scenarios. But it's easy to build your own flow from scratch. When you're looking at your list of flows, start by clicking create new flow. When creating a flow, the first thing you need is a starting point. What happens to trigger the flow? Use the search box to find the event you want to use as a trigger. If you're interested in collecting tweets about your company, search Twitter. This will show you available triggers for Twitter. If you haven't signed into Twitter, you'll be asked to connect. Sign in with your normal account information. We'll remember your connection so you won't have to enter the information again in the future. Use the search box to choose the term you want to search Twitter for. Now that you have a trigger, you'll need to add one or more actions. What do you want to happen next? Use the search box to find an action like collecting the tweets you find in an Excel file. So search for Excel and select insert a row. Just like Twitter, you'll have to connect to Excel. However, Excel is a little different because it connects via a cloud file service. You can either connect via a service you've already set up or set up a new connection using any of the cloud file services Flow supports. Once you're connected to Excel, fill out the settings. First, pick the file from the list of Excel files you want to access through your cloud file service. Second, select which table of the Excel file you want to save the data into Make sure you click add table in the Excel file before you save it. If you don't, it won't show up. Third, you'll need to pass the right data into the Excel file. You need to tell it what to collect. Each of these tokens represents a different piece of data you could collect from Twitter. Click the ones you want, like tweeted by and tweet text. Then when the flow runs, the information will be collected and sent to the Excel sheet. Now you just need to name your flow and you're done. Now all the tweets about your hashtag will be saved to the Excel file you choose. [Microsoft]

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Posted by: csintl on Oct 13, 2016

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