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Final - GWL Trailler - ENG_High

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So many desires. We want to love and be loved. We want to share. We want full bellies and slim waistlines. We want to party. We want a good man who is our soulmate. We want diamond earrings, and Jimmy Choo shoes. We want success. We want to eat chocolates We want safety, companionship. We want, and want and want - and we have questions. So many questions. Modern times challenge women with complex situations Numerous women around the world found a remarkable source of life-changing insights. The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah. Women would not allow themselves to be the vessel for anything less than the Light of the Creator. For 4,000 years the wisdom of Kabbalah was forbidden to women. Recently, one woman decided that was long enough! Karen Berg, Spiritual Leader of the Kabbalah Centres and the mentor of the world's most powerful women, unveils the ancient secrets of Kabbalah and introduces practical tools to every aspect of women's lives. Insights which are more relevant today than ever. It is the female who brings Light into the home, and it is the female that manifests all the energy and puts it in its place, helping others grow. God Wears Lipstick, a guidebook to women's spirituality brings profound, ancient wisdom in a refreshing, witty style. "God Wears Lipstick" - an adventure for women who wish to discover practical tools which will empower, and help them connect to themselves at the deepest level, and a riveting perspective for men who wish to understand them. God Wears Lipstick by Karen Berg now available on on and in bookstores.

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Posted by: asamsky on Jun 7, 2016

Final - GWL Trailler - ENG_High

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