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Curso de pintura y poesía

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Top of the program with music and the title: Community in Spain Panoramic of Cabañas de Polendos We are seeing images of Cabañas de Polendos A small village in Segovia The creation of center of handicrafts on the ruins of some houses has been an atrative destination on the route of rural Castilla y León Here the young artisans preserve the works of older times (sound of a fonctioning four) Speaker. Hello how are you, Wecome to Community in Spain In this edition we are going to enter into an small segovian village of Cabañas de Polendos There is the setting up of a center of handicrafts which is not only a recuperation of the village but also a recuperation of traditional works But besides Castilla and león we are going to visit some othe Autonomous Communities where we have found issues of interest which we will davance in our summary A course on painting and poetry at the murcian village of Cieza tha capital of the arts More tha 500 women making encaje de bolillos who gather together once a year at the rioajan village of Alfaro On the lands of Liébana, in Cantabria Each painting contains a world which only poetry con describe This is the spirit of the Course organize by the International University of the Sea at the murcian village of Cieza A group of young artists have participated in the course, under the Direction of the well known painter José Lucas There ar moments, sensations and situations which are praticaly impossible to describe only in words From the very begining, man has search to transmit them in any possible means and by expressing it, you can listen and see and you may even feel the as you own thing Painting and poetry, acomplish this task Which are the best vehicles towards feelings. And the International University of the Sea wants, on those days, to board those arts. For that reason, hase been set up this course on design adn poetry in which the students, already experts in those fields, have demonstrated their talents Here, as in the Faculty of Beaux Arts, where I have just begun my studies there is a big fellowship where we really learn There is nobody who can teach how to pain, there is nobody who can teach you anything in life but simply sharing life facts, experiences, knowing how to look at what other people do, and what do you see,, sharing materials, opinions. Paitingg is not only paintings, is mucho more than that, is a world of opinion os suggestions, to learn the rest, to absorbe it. My particular way of painting is different, that is to say, I play with colours I do search mor in that tan in figurative, Here everything, work with new techniques, nue materials I improvise more and I freely give my self to create a new work of art. We are people with in this world of painting and with a great varity of projects ahead of us who have choosen Cieza, to continue learning in a way to get to know pepole, to share again with Pepe a great experience and then absorbing everything from all, from all ways of life. then in ths collective project we are all, Karla Frechilla and I and we will exhibit in a galery at mid-town Manhatta, called Yadi Gallery adn it is a project which we believe is going to give us a lot of things, to Karla and to me. The headmaster of the course, which this year has make its second edition, is managed by the painter José Lucas Born in Cieza and consolidated as one of the artis more important of the rEGION OF mURCIA, shoe the tricks of the genius, who knows well that as everything in arts, as in every feeling, no limits exists The themes, and teh supporting materials, have been freely choosen by every poet, by every painter, who has choosen the one more adapted to his creation We have tried to leave an total freedom of thinking, to respect thoughts and the intentions of everyone and a total freedom of thecniquesm pf procedures, of supports and the elections of the themes During this week Cieza has been evolved as the capital of arts. A couple of issues to allow feelings and inspirations to be transformed into creation This is the main target of this course A course that has been borned by the engagement of the Los Álamos Foundation. and a man Jose Luis Pardos, his honorary President. Soi we have all a dream, that is to say, to receive this education and this culture permanent and progressive, which we not receive on today issues neither at the shool, nor at the High scholls, or the Universities and neither unfotunately, in the political environment beacuse politicinas, those who have,essentialy, to educate the citizens Speaker: Culture is the creation as way of living, os social action We try, through paiting, poetry, literature, scuplpture and cinematrography to see those great issues, ethicals, metaphysicals, sociologicals, economicals, which does not give us the culture of today And that we do not receive by today education systems Because in a poem you may say the unexpressive idea and in a painting you mauy see the indescribebal And we think that, and we beleive that this is a mean of educations, the arts The course is divides into a series of lectures, many practical teachings and reading poems Poetry is the voice and the words pf paintings of the some twenty artis which have participated in this edition of the course. The reading of pems are a constant issue, for the guest and for the young poets still not consacrated. Of those who remeber when they begun to write, and of those who listen to then, who will do that fo ever. I wan to embrace the cup of you origins, and celebrate the sands of the crying conquered teh gate of you fiber as an arch And then, as soon as the soon opens his double lips and on them life extends his infitiness The souht of theu sadness, of funral salms and the gold beaten of your ardent bunch Aplauses And then in happens that in each and every paiting is enclosed a whole world, which only poetry can discrbe The Universtiy of the Sea and the "Los Álamos" Foundation, set the basis for Jose Lucas vigor To throw painting trends, no to the paintings but to the artis Without any doubt, all those attendants are people whi have made their road who have an educated regard and who have an very shaped spirit and who are able o contributing to the fact that the inmedate art have a long dimensions as it has also had the bets of the spanish best painting And this is how at this mucian village of Cieza, it is gather the future of the spaniss pating . Poeple who feel the sour beat of the artsm of poetry adn paiting In La Rioja, the "encajeras" have suvived modernity and the textile advances They who as childs maange the "bolillos" and who know that it does not matter how long time it takes English captions by José Luis Pardos.

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España en comunidad, un programa de TVE, emitido por la 2 y por el canal internacional, que ofrece un estupendo reportaje sobre el curso de pintura y poesía celebrado en Cieza (España) en la sede de la Fudación Los Álamos en septiembre de 2007

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