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C1L8: Serve on Your Knees

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Now you may have seen other pros teach serving on your knees but you really have to line it up correctly in order for this to work. Here is a good drill to really find your balance on the serve. Notice how my knees are lined up with that red arrow which is at the 45 degree angle. It makes it very comfortable to start the stroke and to complete the stroke. Knees lining up parallel with that red arrow make this all possible. Notice the contact look at the line up with my left and right arms look at that and my eyes are comfortably on the ball. You have your optimal contact when you are in perfect balance. Now here is what happens when I try to do it wrong. When my legs are lined up perpendicular or parallel to the base line it won't work and I will show you why here in slow motion in a second. When I am closed to the net I can't finish the stroke. See how my left arm gets in the way I really can't, I can't finish comfortably or on balance. I can't complete my stroke. When I am facing the net I can complete the stroke but there is nothing in the back so its very off balance and you can see my racket keeps hitting the court. So even though I may be able to hit the ball somewhat comfortable I am leaning forward. I am way to far in front of myself, the right way is really the only way to do this. That is with your knees on the ground but parallel to that red arrow. Once again the wrong way, I am completely off balance. I am all bunched up and if I am facing the net the ball is too far in front of me and I end up leaning forward which a lot of players do. Look at this at contact if I am really facing the 45 look at my arms how they are lined up my left hand. Look how easy it is to finish on balance so the entire stroke is very very comfortable when its all lined up right there at the 45. I can start and complete it on balance. Another good way to dial in your serve is to serve from your knees, make sure you line them up correctly from the beginning.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Feb 3, 2014

Line this one up right to be effective.

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