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Untraceable (2008)

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(narrator) In the FBI Cyber Crime Division... Busy night for bad guys? Even busier night for us. (narrator)...they can catch any criminal with the touch of a button. You got him now. We need you to knock down a door for us. [sirens] Move in! Freeze - Police Suspect's in custody. Good work! (little girl) Hi Mommy! Catch any bad guys? One. Just one. (narrator)...but nothing prepared them for this. Check out this tip we got about a website. [cry of pain] (Eric) Is this real? (Jennifer) Streaming live! (Eric) Just when you thought you'd seen it all. You see that box? It regulates the amount of fluid going into the victim. So the more people that visit the site, the faster he bleeds. That's right. This website's like nothing we've ever seen before - it's untraceable. The public are tuning in at an alarming rate. The guy can invite the whole world to help him kill anybody he wants, and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. Oh my god. (male voice) The second victim has appeared on the site. Set up a press conference. (Jennifer) This is just what he wants. Anything you say will only promote the site, and kill him faster. I got no choice. The torture that he is experiencing is unimaginable and it's cruelty. Any American who visits the site is an accomplice to murder. Stay away from the site - we are the murder weapon. He died in 20 minutes - the next one will die in the blink of an eye. (narrator) The closer they get to finding him... Police! Open the door. [door slams open] (cop) It's the wrong house. (Eric) He knew we were coming. (narrator)...the closer he'll be to finding her. There is a connection. He knows that you are leading the team to find out what it is. I'm running a trace now. That's my credit card number. He got all the way into my wireless network, which means he can see every single keystroke. Mom, there's a video of our house on the computer. Do you know who's car this is? Yea, I think I have an idea. yuck. What if you never catch him? You think this is it? This is just the beginning. He's hacked into my car's computer. [Click Click Click] [voice on the radio] Hello Jennifer. [Captions by]

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