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EU treaty changes: Referendum in UK is now the only solution

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Lze souhlasit s tím, že smlouva dominovala historii této unie. Zdlouhavé procesy, slavnostní obřady, nový právní řád a větší moc. pro centrum. ale samozřejmě of that the missus miracles had a real problem handshake because article one to two the treaty has been used for the bailout fund for ireland integration it's pretty clear to everybody uh... that actually but read the new outlets that it but it was illegal religious remind you that so in the face of the four german professors taking a for the court in cultura she's off to you to change the treaty of math over the course of the last week is what you've decided to do uh... map even alex at least eight permanent stability mechanism now that worded itself doesn't inspire much confidence to make and i think what we're doing is reinforcing failure i'm delaying the inevitable break-up all be alright but nonetheless you decided change but has been treated well with another challenge for the part of the treaty coming out and you might've of that but in in camelot couple weeks has been a huge route over a european court of human rights judgment saying that we should give prisoners the vote now perhaps unsurprisingly the mass of the british public health totally opposed to the idea the president's should get the votes unsurprisingly surprisingly members of parliament now feel the same way no wait for it is coming mister shilts i promise you but members of parliament if they would say why habitat for humanity westminster on thursday night at which it would appear an overwhelming majority of british embraced will vote against the idea a prisoner's being given the vote now this would in fact i was the first ever direct challenge from the british parliament julie you tracy because of course as part of your beloved lisbon treaty article six clearly states the b_t_u_ should exceed to the european convention now of course back section hasn't as yet been completed service the camera could of course come to your next meeting write-offs what missus medical for you to change the tracy balik down to get much success their fault but it's the treaty is about to be re-opened in britain and a referendum in the u_k_ will be the only solution to ignoring the settled will of the british parliament and i thought was off the name i'd be the first to share the good news with you

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Nigel Farage - European Parliament, Brussels - 08 February 2011

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