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Hello, I am Mark. And, I am Murray. And, we're here to tell you about the word 'Empathy'. Empathy, yes! Empathy! Tell them about the word 'Empathy'. Umm... What's wrong? Well... Uhh...uhh... You're not going to believe this Mark! What? I can't remember what empathy means. No. That's okay. That's okay. I'll tell them what empathy means. Oh boy... this is so exciting! Mark Ruffalo is going to tell us about empathy! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Can I do it? Oh don't you please... Go for it, Mark! All right! Empathy is when you're able to understand and care about how someone else is feeling. All right! That's what empathy is! Yes! Yes! I don't get it. What? Sorry. Okay, Okay, let me see if I can explain it to you in some way. Okay, I'm going to listen. Let's say I am walking along, and...Oh! Oh! What? I stung my toe! Aww, that hurts! Oh, you poor thing... Murray! Murray! That hurts! I can imagine exactly how you feel! That's it! Oh... whoa... what's it? That's it. That's empathy. What's empathy? You could imagine exactly how I feel! You could understand just how it felt! That's empathy. I still don't get it. What? I still don't get it. Okay. Okay. Let's think of another way. Let's think of another way! Thinking! Ahh... Murray. Did I tell you about a time when I lost my favourite teddy bear? Oh no! It was... This is very sad! Did you love that... I loved that teddy bear! Ohh... I can imagine exactly how you feel! It's a really sad feeling! It makes me want to cry like this! It was sad! It was so sad! But, you know what? You know what empathy is! I do? That was empathy! What? You could understand how I was feeling, exactly how I was feeling, and, understood it! That's empathy! I get it now! Yes! Yes, I get it! Yes! I understand empathy! You understand empathy, Murray! I am so happy right now! That makes me want to dance the dance of happiness! I can imagine exactly how you feel! I want to dance the dance of happiness too! Then what are we waiting for? Let's do it!

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