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Dibattito Scienza - Le domande ai candidati Premier

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Funding, meritocracy, transparency: what actions will you take to revamp University and Public Research? What actions will you take to revamp private innovation and investment in research? European directives 20-20-20 define European energy policy. What actions will you take to give Italy an energetic plan effective in boosting energy efficiency while minimizing environmental impact and energy costs? How do you plan to deal with urban waste production, management and disposal, in order to minimize environmental impact and preserve quality of life? What actions will you take to improve seismic and hydrogeological safety at national level? What actions will you take to revamp the construction sector, without compromising land safety and the fight against organized crime? What’s your position about the past Government’s Digital Agenda? What actions will you take to extend broadband nationwide? So called “Law 40” – addressing Medically-Assisted Procreation – was questioned several times in recent months, by several judgments, Strasbourg Court’s among them. Will you take any action to adjust this law to italian’s and european’s jurisprudence? Also, what is your position about the Biological Testament? Science and tecnology are very important in modern society. What actions will you take, in schools and elsewhere, to boost science and tecnology literacy, and to combat rampant mathematics and science illiteracy? How do you think Government should deal with human-related climate change? What actions will you take to reduce and/or prevent greenhouse gas buildup? What’s your position about animal use in biomedical research? Do you think there is a need to restrict the use of some species for research purposes? Libera Scienza a scientific and philosophy community / Creative Commons license by-sa dibattito SCIENZA

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Duration: 2 minutes and 58 seconds
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Producer: Libera Scienza
Director: Marco Salvatore Vanadia
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Posted by: liberascienza on Jan 18, 2013

Le domande di Dibattito Scienza rivolte ai leader delle principali forze politiche che si sfideranno alle elezioni 2013: Silvio Berlusconi, Pierluigi Bersani, Oscar Giannino, Beppe Grillo, Antonio Ingroia e Mario Monti.

I candidati sono invitati a mandare le loro risposte all'indirizzo mail [email protected] entro la mezzanotte del 31 Gennaio

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