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[rocket boom] David Jr., Host/Producer, What's going on with the future of Rocketboom? Joanne Colan, Host/Producer, How long have you actually been doing Is that crazy -- do you sleep? Have you always shot on this camera, or has the technology evolved to a point where this is now your favorite weapon of choice? You had such a big TV background before, what made you want to take the plunge onto online? When I first met you, one of the first things that I noticed was your belt buckle, which, in my memory was smaller than it is now. I would love to know -- I'm sure you've been asked a million times -- when did the belt buckle originate? [Sounds of people and music in the background] What's your favorite color? Right now green because we're standing under the trees. What's your favorite color? Red. Good choice, good choice my friend. The belt buckle? [Sound of violin playing] Where are we? Do you only have a film in Manhattan, or do you get out and around the country and stuff like that? Rumor has it that you were abducted by an alien -- is that true? David, do you actually have human parents, or are you from a completely different planet? I grew up with a Rottweiler. Do you like dogs, and if so, have you ever had one? I confess, I do eat brussel sprouts. It's a very good, kind of staple English vegetable. [Sounds of shovels hitting each other] People are saying Indiana Jones is going to be the biggest "Indie movie this summer". Do you agree? You've interviewed a lot of major celebrities. You've got to tell me who your favorite, and who your least favorite are. Do you ever wake up in the morning, jump in the air and say, "This is Joanne, and this is Rocketboom"? Hello and good Thursday, April 24, 2008. I'm Joanne and this is Rocketboom. Does your very own mum now call you Rumor has it that Rocketboom's name is going to be changed to Rocketbooms. Is that true? Are you going to have baby Davidjr.coms, and would they therefore be How junior do you get? Well I own David the first -- I own David the third dot com, and David the fourth dot com. What other domain names would you own? I'm speechless because I'm just Joanne, and I'm next to somebody who's got titles, and it's kind of really intimidating. But you own Joanne Colan dot net, dot org, like dot TV. Do you own dot co UK? Something that people might now know about you and I David, is that we met doing a movie junket for a particular movie, and I didn't know that you were on the movie junket circuit, and you didn't know that I was on the movie junket circuit. What are your thoughts on the movie junket circuit? Do you actually really enjoy that very pressurized five minutes of intense questioning? You know I think it's total BLEEP - BLEEP really boring. . .when I stay at the W hotel and they don't have mints. The thing that I like to go to bed with, is a little chocolatey something on my pillow. A treat. A sweet treat. But yeah I hate press junkets. Now the truth comes out. I don't hate them, you know I see it as a challenge to. . . But when I show up with this -- Hi -- they give me dirty looks, like you have these big professional cameras, BLEEP . . .the professional cameras. Yeah and now I think this is the way people are heading. TV will catch on, and all of a sudden their budgets will shrink so much they'll be able to pay themselves bigger salaries. Oh whoa. Should we reverse this backwards or something, and then. . .<<Shall we what?

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Posted by: rocketboom on May 2, 2008

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