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New Delhi Nurseries

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♪ Happy day. It's a happy day... ♪ Besides the basics, these New Delhi students learn everything from music... to public speaking, at the ripe old age of four. This is Salwan Montessori school, a large private school in Delhi. Parents are desperate to get their kids admitted to a school like this. We have nearly more than 2,500 applicants, and we just have 150 seats. 2,500 applicants...150 seats. Absolutely. You can't cram all those students in. Not at all. Not at all And that's why you see such a heartburn, a lot of crying, a lot of... and it's very sad. The odds show, it turns out, it's actually harder to get into one of Delhi's top ten nursery schools than it is for a college age student to get into Harvard or Yale. In 2009, Harvard admitted 9.1 percent of its applicants. Yale 7.5 percent. And in Delhi Salwan School, only 6 percent of applicants got a seat. In the Indian system most students spend 14 years in one school. And many parents complain the goverment schools are simply not adequate. Especially in urban India, where a fast-growing population is converging on a school system already bursting at the seams. The Kumnars have applied to 10 of Delhi's most sought-after schools, trying to get their daughter admitted. It was the toughest phase we have like in our life. Until recently, the pressure was on the three or four year old, who had to go through an interview. But that was banned. The school is being very smart, acting very smart. They want to meet parents informally, "Informal interaction" what they are calling, and they are scoring on us. So you are being tested? Yeah, definitely, we were being tested. So far, Jhanvi Kumnar hasn't been admitted to any of the schools. But not because she isn't smart enough. She's just four and speaks Hindi, some English, and Japanese. Japanese. You wanna do Japanese? Ichi,ni, san, yon, go, roku, nana, hachi, kyu, jyu. Wow! With all her talents, Jhanvi will have to wait a year before her parents try to get her admitted all over again. Sarah Sidenaur,CNN, New Delhi.

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Posted by: greenbo on Apr 24, 2010

For children to enter high society, they need to enter an
exclusive nursery school

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