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Dušan Lazić - Vojka, Serbia - Serbian (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~09:10:56 - 09:41:40

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- Aska is confused by all these people. - What did Aska do? - She’s all confused. - No, everything’s OK. - Shocked? - OK. - Ljubinko, do you want honey with your milk? - No, I’ll have some sour milk. - I wanted to fry you a sausage. - It's fine. - Mum, what was in here? Hey, did you play last night? - Old legends, they don’t need much. Just give them beer. - Now what, who’s this milk for, your father? - I don’t know. - Sure, OK. When you mention drinks... What time is it? Ten past ten. (coughs) I mustn't... I'm not feeling very well. It doesn't feel right. - Dule, you have to tell me, he completely confused me, he said he needs fifteen sacks of cement, type one. How am I supposed to get it today? - Today? - Yes. - He needs it for today? - He needs it for today, that’s what he said, He forgot to tell you. So when he was leaving, he kept apologizing, but he needs it today. - I’ll see to it now. - What did he tell you about that shop? - It's too much. Now it's really too much. - Milos, I will tell you something... You should take off that cap while you eat. - How much sand, type one? - Wait, wait, stop. - Mile, Dule Lazic, from Vojka. Look, I need some cement. I need probably 10 bags. And I need sand, type one. (mobile phone ringing) How much are you taking, 3 square meters? Bring it, then. - Hello? Not yet, soon. - Type one, type one. That’s right. Could that be for today? OK. When approximately? - Good. - Excellent. Let me think where you’ll put it, where to load it. Well, in the street again, like before. - Well, we'll see when you come. - In the street, where he left that gravel last time. - That’s your father-in-law, right? Good, good. Then you’ll grab that palette, too. And from Sunday on we’ll… - On Monday. - On Monday. My son is telling me now. We’ll deal with the payment on Monday. OK, Mile, all the best. - Here you go. - What? Did you call him? - Yes. - No, it’s uncle Dule Lazic. Yes. Look, I just ordered three square meters of sand and some ten sacks of cement. Will that be enough to begin with? Oh, my God. Oh, yes, yes, yes. OK. Yes, yes, yes. I understand. OK, Zoki, just so you know. That will arrive here today, in two hours. At least, that’s what they promised. Bye, Zoki, all the best. - What’s up? - His kid shoved popcorn up her nose, and now he has to take her to the ER and so on… - And he would come over? So, he’ll be here around eight? - Yes, yes. - Which one is that, the youngest one? - He’s got five of them. - What, you’re going too? And you’re not here the whole day? - I’ll be back for lunch. - When will you be back, Gile? - Just to finish the rehearsal. - How long’s that? - Two hours. Till eleven. - You’ll finish around one? - Let’s say two o’clock. You? - Me? Around eleven thirty, I need three hours… So, around three. - Ljubinko, please organize things with those teachers, I didn’t get to tell you. - When? - Grandmother got angry. Rajka told her. Nada and Nena and everyone gathered at the market and started talking... - Want some cheese, Dule? (coughing) - This cough is really bugging me… - Do you want me to give you some cough syrup? (coughing) - I wasn’t coughing. It’s since this morning. - You’ll be coughing at least two weeks. Here you go. - What now? - Take some syrup, so you won't cough. - Later. - Yes, later. - Look here, mum. It’s a bit… Look. - Put your glasses on. - Yes, it’s better. - Is it better? - Much better. - Smaller. - It’s going away. - Can I put this in that fridge? There's not enough space here. - I don’t know, put that meat away, we just need some for tomorrow’s lunch. Goodness, why did Milos put his jacket on, it’s so hot outside. Terrible. It’s like he doesn’t know it’s springtime. - He just keeps saying, "Take something with you in the summer". - Where is Ljubinko rehearsing today? - Well, at the Philharmonic. - There’s no rehearsal there today. - Maybe not. You’re right. Maybe he’s with the new band. - What did Zoran say, when will he be here to do that? - Well, I don’t know, since he’s going, I told you, he went to take his kid to the ER. - I said I won’t take these plastic bags any more, and again, I have a full… I don’t know what to do with them. - Look what we got. A road map. - Excellent. - In 'Blic'. Or 'Blic Woman'. I don’t know. Dule, do you want your vest? - It’s going to be warm outside, I don’t need it. - You don’t need it? - No. - OK. (conversation heard in the back) Dule, when do you plan on having lunch? When will you be back? - How much of this, is this enough? - Let me see. One spoonful. - All right. - What about lunch? - The same. - What did Ljubinko say, when is he coming? - You’ll see when he’s coming, around three. - He said around 3 o’clock, so the lunch will be at 3. - OK. - If a woman comes by, she should bring another 100 RSD for the honey. - That woman owes you money again? - Yes, she gave me 500 RSD, and I didn’t have 100 to give her change. I gave Mika 1000 RSD, he’ll give them back today. Did you get a toilet freshener? - Yes. - I wanted to go to church. But it was closed. Vrbica. I wanted to bring some vrbica home. - Maybe you were late? - It started at 9. I was there around 9:30. Priest’s wife said hi. - Which one? - Laza’s wife. Laza’s speech recovered fully, his throat recovered. The man sings. - What did he do? - Well, he went to the doctor from Novi Sad, the woman’s a speech therapist, and it was all stress with him, a cramp. And now he sings. And she asked us to come over, she would like that very much. We've talked about it a lot. - So, when he speaks everything’s OK? - He sings! - OK, he sings, that’s easier. - No, it was harder for him to sing. His voical cords were completely out of order. - Did you take the… You took it last night? - Yes. - Good. You have two more left for tonight. Are you feeling any better? Want some ‘Andol’? - Am I going to take pills constantly? - What else am I to do with you? You’re ill. - Do you want an ‘Andol’? - No. - Today I… I was going to say the name, but I’m not supposed to. He had honey with Propolis this morning, so he made one for me. - Where’s the tray for grapes? - Apples are in it, here it is. But take this big one, the glass tray. Or wait, wait. I'll give you those... - Don’t film that. No, we don’t have it yet here. It’s Macedonian. Greek grapes. Are you tired? Like you’re not here, all right. - We forgot to buy the wire. - Please, turn the light out in the hallway. Dule is in the bathroom. Do you want something to eat? - Later. - This sausage is a bit hot. - Dule. - Yes? (wife speaking incomprehensibly) - All right. (wife speaking incomprehensibly) - All right. (dog barking) (dog barking) (handsaw buzzing) (dog barking) Don't, Aska, don't. (handsaw buzzing)

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Duration: 30 minutes and 44 seconds
Country: Serbia
Language: Serbian
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Posted by: globallives.serbia on Oct 14, 2009

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