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les vrais fausses interviews d'Alaeddine

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I can feel I'm really on my own this time Time of truth has come No time left for lies or hypocrisy I've walked through the doors of hell to grab Truth's fruit and unveil the big game some of you may take me for a quack... A New Age's Faust But never mind if I play devil's advocate all in all, we're talking about a pretty nice devil No....NO please go back in time Stop, STOP I really wonder how I got there It feels weird to watch one's own death and how a life can just change radically The true false interviews of Alaeddine 10 days before that after the shouts have raised everywhere in the Arab world overthrowing tyrans and half gods in a legendary way I've decided to clarify the mystery and travel at the center of decisions ....Rome of modern times I'm going to conquer truth in a world as far of wonderlands as it is close to it looking for a man who's not afraid of saying what he thinks all along the way, a single question haunts my mind Does Homer Simpson have an influence over what's happening in our region ? the answer to that question was soon to be answered at the city's bar On that short and yet brave answer, I left Springfield to go to another dimension... a parallel world where truth is not a rare thing to meet the BIG Boss so as to know what he thinks about the Arab Awakening I don't understand nothing about Arab people man Oh..really ? Yeah, it's been about 8 years we've been trying to install democracy in Iraq We've knocked oiut the way about 300 000 of their guys and they're still dumb In Tunisia, a vegetable seller burns himself up with a zippo lighter and Revolution spreads in all the Middle East a god damned coly-flower seller, man Whereas me and my councelors we're playing smart and we get to nowhere you digg something out of this man ? I personnaly don't dig nothing about Middle East ; I feel like I'm in the middle of LOST,'s Season 3 Who's the bad guy and who's the good one ? and who are the others ? Is the big Hurley a woman ? It's hell man It's the first time in 60 years that people of the third world are to decide for themselves... without us Are we capable of deciding our future without them ? Intrigued by this question, I'm going back on Earth, haunted by this enigma while I'm badly wanted Of all this adventure, I've learned one thing Each time a Leader raises a finger, death is coming next But I've also learned that each time the people raises their 2 fingers Freedom shines and prevails

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Country: Morocco
Language: French (France)
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Posted by: chami79 on Sep 19, 2011

a journey for a serach of reality
a vision behind the truth

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