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Population, The Ticking Bomb - DD Interview Part 10/10

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talking of young people now town as we said earlier .before we went into the break the largest youngest largest youngest population in the world. and you have said that we're not capitalizing on the people now I I was talking about not capitalizing on the natural intellect of the country to some extent the software industry is mainly because of that.. because somewhere unknowingly we educated a certain number of people not knowing where to take them and suddenlly this IT boom came and we sort of capitalized on it to some extent but that is still hittinging only a very small segment of the population about being a young country having a large young population I know it's been talked of as a very positive thing I want to ask you a very simple question ,where did all our all of our old people gone? No where!they are right here! why their numbers not there.. the same quantity I think that has a lot to do with the rate at which we are expanding and you know probably...population thing is population increase another is to do with the longevity of the people. is something to do with them on the jeans that's right so that is not a healthy thing we're talking about other disasters population is a disaster excessive population is a disaster so whether it's a political problems or environmental problems of social problems or the pressures in the urban areas and everywhere else is competition for everything is beyond exceeding,beyond certain... you know.. crossing human levels of competition is only because is only because from nineteen forty seven to now sixty two years we have almost gone up four times over from somewhere around 33crores we have reached 120 crores today which is a disastous increase in increasing human populations if you want to solving any problem.. ecology, economics or whatever one important thing is we must consciously decide what kind of population is manageable for the nation like us and we must try to cap it there. being a democracy we cannot cap it like force by force like some other countries have done.. we have to run an awareness campaign and bring this about in some way and aim towards reduction in population because we neither have enough land or water nor a piece of sky for one point two billion people also probably remind me of education education is definitely missing..we are unable to provide but that could be done but you can't bring more land you can't bring more sky,more water from somwhere else eduction can be done.It is a doable thing... know so the natural resources and the pressure on the land is too excessive and we could go towards 2 billion in the next century. by the time we reach the next century.we could go to2 billion and if we consciously do not control the population of thhe nation and the world because the world's population also this happened the world's population also this is happening one point four million today we have seven million We are predicting by 2050 wewill be nine point six million this planet cannot sustained that level of population and another thing is in the last hundred years the per capita consumption of an individual human being on the planet has gone up (unclear) so with the consumption increase in percapita and population increasing at this rate is a reciepe for disaster. unless we cap human population unless we do the necessary campaign and and necessary incentives and whatever else has to be done democratically unless we do all that and bring down human population there is no soluion for anything we are doing because after all we are living on a limited planet at one time we thought it's an endless planet now we know it's a limited planet with limited resources there is no way to make anything sustainable but this is an issue nobody wants to address it is politically religiously and otherwise many segments of society a very sensitive about this but it doesn't matter how sensitive it is all the more it is sensitive, it needs to be handled addressed in the the right context not by force but by awareness and by education voluntarily bringing awareness to this that nobody can live well. either we control this consciously of nature will control it cruelly..very cruelly. the sad part is that even today we understand this and yet we are consuming recklessly and we are doing such great damage to the environment because we are in competition with America because in our minds Good life means become like American life everybody wants to have that kind of home, that kind of car, that kind of conveniences that kind of everything if seven million people on this planet live like an average American I think the life of the planet is ... I don't know... maybe a couple of decades it's not sustainable at all so our ideas of good life have to be changed our ideas of good economy has to be changed but above all our population have to be reduced before we do all that.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 16, 2010 Sadhguru was interviewed by Gouran Dhawan Lal on DD National TV just prior to receiving the Indira Gandhi Award. This is a 10 part interview, addressing various topics from Gurus and Spirituality to Population and War.

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