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Historia de Colombia durante la década de 1990

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Hello classmates In this video I will explain The main historical facts of Colombia during the decade of the 90's We started with the murder of the various presidential candidates Among them are Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento Carlos Pizarro and Bernardo Jaramillo Ossa of the Patriotic Union We continue with the constitution of 1991 During the government of Cesar Gaviria In which the main characteristics are that it was constituted a social state of law There was decentralization and autonomy of territorial entities The creation of the Prosecutor's Office as an accusatory entity and the constitutional court Including the guardianship action We can also rescue The economic opening That included the privatization of national entities and the fall of Pablo Escobar in December of 1993 For 1994 the liberal candidate comes to power Ernesto Samper Pizano His government was characterized primarily by the Process 8000 scandal In which they entered hot money of the Cali cartel. that US aid funds were cut for the fight against drug trafficking. Let's not forget that in 1995 it was the assassination of the conservative leader Álvarp Gómez Hurtado Already for 1998 comes to power The candidate Andrés Pastrana Arango his government was characterized by the famous process of the zone of distension between the municipalities of Meseta, the Uribe La Macarena, Villa Hermosa and above all San Vicente del Caguán They were over 40,000 square kilometers that were demilitarized so that the guerrillas could be part of this failed peace process but at that time during the decade of the 90's with the fall of the Soviet Union the guerrillas had to find new ways of financing they are between them kidnapping, extortion and also where there was more recrudescence and more blows to the public force including more than 3,500 massacres per part of paramilitary groups, especially in the Magdalena Medio. Including the theft of more than six million hectares the displacement of thousands of peasants and the resurgence of violence in the country I hope colleagues May this video have been useful for you to learn and know more of history of our nation.

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Una breve descripción de los principales eventos históricos de Colombia durante la década de 1990 en Colombia.

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