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It's not for wimps. You need muscles like mine to check. Having nice hair does not hurt either. Revision means to "re-see". Are you ready to take a close look at your writing? Are you tough enough for that? Are you man enough to take a close look at your thesis? Thesis sentences are for wimps. I do not need a thesis. I've gotten along fine in this world so far without using a thesis. I'll be darned if I'm going to start now. Everybody needs a thesis. It is your unifying idea. Without one, your essay has no focus. Now, listen. Along with examining your thesis, you need to make sure Also You have clear topic sentences. Is there a clear topic sentence for each main idea? Got it? Next, you need to look at your support. Do you have enough facts, statistics and authoritative sources to back up your main points? Without any support, your argument is pure heresay. You'll need to do more research to back up your main points. How do you keep That fancy hair in place? A vat of hair gel and expoxy. Without it I would not have any support. Just checking. Have you included the author's last name and a page number in your in-text citations? Did you include a works cited page? Have your paraphrased your sources properly? Have your properly proofread your paper, checking for sentence fragments, subject-verb agreement proper and comma splices? Have you used a comma before a coordinating conjunction joins together two independent That clauses? Comma splices make me very sad. Are you going to cry, girlie-man? Not if you proofread your paper. Read your sentences out loud to a friend. You'll catch your own mistakes. Spell-check catches my mistakes. I do not need to proofread. Wrong! Spell-check and grammar check only catch some mistakes. They aren't reliable.

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Posted by: dmmiller226 on Jun 2, 2011

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