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Baby Monitor to scan the main Symptoms of your Baby

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Becoming a parent is one of the most extraordinary and exiting things a person can achieve. However, it is also one of the most stressful parts of life. We`re here to help. Baby`s Fairy is the worlds first baby monitor, able to scan the heart rate and body temperature of your new born child. Baby`s fairy is an all new way of communicating with your babies health. It is composed of a biocompatible and non-allergenic wristband, connecting with a small base monitor, to give a continuous display of your babies heart rate and temperature. Parents can check on the health of their baby at any time of the day or night, with pre-set alarms for high or low temperature and high or low heart rate. Baby`s fairy allows parents to rest through out the night. Without having to constantly get up to check the health of their baby. When product creator Francois Donnet brought his first child home from the hospital he found it very difficult to be constantly checking on the breathing and health of his new born son. Finding no product available to solve the problem, Francois Donnet decided to create a solution. And so, Baby`s Fairy was born. Using a global team of engineers, doctors and surging advisors, Francois Donnet and his team developed this new technology. Baby`s Fairy was designed to meet the needs of Francois and other families like his. The system to measure your babies heart rate is based on existing technology. It was originally used to find people buried under concrete rubble after an earthquake. The Baby`s Fairy`s Team adapted and scaled down this technology to use for babies. The wristband uses a very low power connection, so it is very safe for a baby. By constantly checking heart rate our sensor allows you to know if your baby has any difficulties breathing properly and requires your intervention. The device can scan body temperature with its unique calibrated centre.

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Posted by: babysfairyfzc on Aug 20, 2014

Baby monitor is a device to scan the critical symptoms of your baby, it generates alerts due to high temperature, low temperature, low battery, low heart rate, high heart rate or in case lost connection with the device, this gives wait signal if your child goes out of its range.

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