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Introduction to TAUS

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Welcome to the TAUS wall. Here is Jaap van der Meer, the founder and director of TAUS. The translation industry is a fascinating industry. We think about it, we help people to understand other languages but the thing that really bothered me always is that we're very slow at adopting technology. This is what TAUS is about. To explain how technology can help us, doing this creative work. We've introduced machine translation to the professional translation industry but we've gone a lot further than that. Focusing on the pricing model, the business model in our industry. Focusing on the continuous translation cycle. We're moving away from project-based work. Crowd-sourcing is something that we've brought to this industry. The notion of collaborative translation or community translation. And that's what I really like about our work in TAUS. To bring all these new concepts, these new technologies to our industry and to explain and help people implement them. TAUS is about ensuring the informed use of translation technologies. To develop coherent strategies through bringing together communities that work together on very focused agendas. To open up data through TAUS Data Association. To open up access to know-how and experiences through the publishing and events activities. To guiding and shaping the innovation agenda for the industry. Now we introduce We introduce TAUSlabs, a shared platform for research and development for the industry. I think what's unique is the fact that we are a leading indicator, that the community is active and also our openness to working with others. We're working with so many academic partners, standards organizations, event organizers, sector experts, to make sure we leverage each other's knowledge. If you want to find out more information go to or watch the other TAUS wall videos.

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Posted by: translationautomation on Dec 29, 2011

This video outlines how TAUS fulfills its mission: "TAUS is an innovation think tank and interoperability watchdog for the translation industry. We envision translation as a standard feature, a ubiquitous service. Like the internet, electricity, and water, translation is one of the basic needs of human civilization. Our mission is to increase the size and significance of the translation industry to help the world communicate better. TAUS supports entrepreneurs and principals in the translation industry to share and define new strategies through a comprehensive range of events, publications and knowledge tools."

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