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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~06:30:52 - 06:45:53

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Lindi, hurry up! What were you saying about putting in zero? Memory? Edith, I'll tell you what... I tore out two pages and gave it to Masozi so that she could write to me, but she hasn't. Eta told me that she uses it to look good and not write to me. Who? Like yesterday, when Paul didn't have a pen... He said, "Here, Mulekweni, I'm giving it to you so you can write." So then he couldn't write. So umm... he didn't know how to write. -Who? -Mulekweni. -On the black board? No! Masozi wrote the names of the noise makers. I actually went and handed it to him myself. Let's go! Lead the way. Let me carry your bag. -Please wait a little bit? -No! I've thrown it away. I'll go and ask Madam Chisale, Madam... Hello. It sounds like they're calling Edith. Edith! Did he really say that? I don't know. He put this bag here for me. One here, and over there is mine. They're the same kind. Wow, the donuts look great. The samosas looks great too. You have to try them then. He leaves it at school. They'll get ruined. I just put them in here. It's better that I eat them. You just take them out, cut them, and put them in your pocket. You just pile them up a little. -Maybe he kept seeing me. He was looking at me. -At the break? Who? Chitsanzo? During the first break. I ate the donuts myself and shared a samoosa with Elizabeth. I just heard, "Edith, can I have some?" At the second break, I bought 3 hard cakes. I bought 1 hard cake. At first I bought 2 hard cakes and I kept them in a bag. I kept 2 hard cakes in the bag. I had 10 kwacha left, so I bought 2 more hard cakes and a samoosa. Did you eat? I was just eating them piecemeal out of my pocket. He's looking at me. I gave him a little and said, 'take one'. Was there 20 kwacha left? Then, in class, he said "eee!" Can I have some? I gave him some, then took them, and stuffed it in my mouth. Time after time, I would cover myself in this jacket. While eating at that time. For me it's corn. It tastes good when I buy it. So that's when I taste it. For me, it's not corn so much. Edith, it tastes really good. I'll buy it when I have a lot of money. When I have a little, I will buy a hard cake, a doughnut and a samosa. Edith, the boy who found a job at Patuma. It's over. -A job? -Yeah. There's a boy here and another one, did you see him? At Patuma. That girl? They say his mom came to get him. He says she wanted the boy so that he could sell donuts. That means doesn't walk on that side (up to the place where I beat you)? You fell. You want them to see you! I slept at the same time. Immediately after my sleep, I woke up. I don't know how. I just stopped sleeping that's all. I don't know what time I'll wake up. Beating the other time. Hitting, hitting... Steven got up even earlier than me. Do you understand, Lindi? So if you play it on your own... He's lying, Lindi, if you stay at our school. Edith, if he does it again, the girls stay at the top. -Doesn't he come with the children from home? -Yes. -Did you want them to stay? No, he's not there. Maybe he's late. Yesterday, it was because we went before the bell rang. So that's it. -Did it grow on its way? -No, this wasn't it. -Yeah, it grew though we had already arrived... -When we had already swept. Stephen says I'm not writing because I didn't leave it... ...because you didn't come at the right time. They've already swept at the hill, so today they should just sign me up for something else. Didn't your friend tell? No, when you fail. Isn't she your friend? They just make fun of her. They call her a small bird. Yeah, they just make fun of her, Jestar, Mangeni, Limbani, and Kanungo. -So you think we're going to play hop-scotch with her like that? -No. What was she even doing? You mean none of us have a comb? Are they starting here? Something is smelly, right? Alright, that's enough of that. Maybe somebody pooped in that bush. [Singing a church song.] Let's go! You'll find that kid during the second break. I don't know what you'll eat at school. I didn't let you have the banana. They're late! Why don't you do it for them? -Edith, have you seen the school? -It's quiet. When we look at the face, right? -Twice? -Yes. I thought you started when he left you? -Who? -You. Yes, I'll agree too. This! Hurry up. Emily! Run! Linda let's go. I'll find you, ok? They say they'll find you. Edo, the boss' child? Actor? The movie star. The movie star... They're filming Edith. Are you going to smile? Yes! That's right, with a walking stick! Edith! What's up Edith? Edith are you going? You just came, should we sit there? Did you hear me? Edith, let's chat here. You should be sweeping with your friends. Give him the broom. Just sweep right here. He says give him the broom. Edith... Alright! Alright! It's easy when your friends are successful. This? So what? What's your problem? They're people, too. Isn't this what they were saying? You, is that your space to sweep? -Come over here. -You come here. You should put me down as first over there. But that's what they were saying. You people don't listen. Why were you running to the higher classes? Uncivilized! That kind of uncivilized behavior is what they were talking about. Agnes, have you also swept? Yes, I've swept. An uncivilized Malawian. So he should just sit motionless in one place, that's it. Nathan, you don't want to sweep here. Aggie, I'll spill it. He says that Nathan already swept. You'll sweep even though you don't want to. Did you already sweep here? Yeah, did you sweep there? Stephen, write me down. Hey, go over there. He'll hit you. Did she write me down? She's writing. I thought she was watching you as you sweep? Hey Edith, throw them over there. -Hey, go over there and sweep. -Go there and sweep in your spot. Go and sweep there. Stupid! Yeah, you can call me names? They're watching you. Edith, can I borrow your broom? Hey, they're filming you. So that they do what? Let's go Lindi, I'll escort you. Let's go. Here. Let's go.

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