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Salbuchi - Second Republic Project - Pillar 1 - THE SOVEREIGN STATE (Part 2 of 2)

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By integration the social forces, I mean those forces which are centrifical. The state has to have in centrifical manner. There are loginimant interest. Action goals, plans of individuals organisations and so forth. Which tent to fraction the society. People who want to sell a product as expensive as possible, people who want to buy a product want to buy it as cheep as possible. If a magor investment has to be made for example in the USA. The people in California want to be in California. The people in Aiova want to in Aiova. These are logidimant conflicting interests which act as a centrifical force. The function of the state is to integrate all these social forces in a centrifical manner. So that be cohesife, united togethernes so they will join merge in alwais geard on one common golden rule. The common good is alwais more important than privat or individual greed or individual interes. So, Iconomic activities under a state integrating the social forces has to be absolutely socialy productive. If the iconomical activitie is agenst the common good it has to be stopped. The people will rather manigactiure drugs, instead of manifacturing bread naturaly it is the state that have to stop them. So these people who are generating damage will not be able to have their day. The socond inalaiable function of the state is to ensure the public citizens awairness. The people need to understand what is happeninng insite and outsite of their country. They must understand the riscs involved, they must understand what the nation the perol of the nation is facing. The must learn to identify the fow and friend And not to mistaken one from the other. And the have to be ready to fight for the freedom say have and to keep them and ensure they have them for the future of their children. They must understand that for every citizen right there is a citizen responsabilites. This mean defending the national interst. Just like the integration of the social forces is geard on the common good, ensuring the public citisen awairness is geard on the national interest. And thirthly, when a gouvernment knows how to promote the common good within its fronteirs, and generate awairnes on the naitional interest regarding threads and opportunity outsite of its frontairs, then it has everythign neccesary to prepare a strategic plan for that country for 5, 10, 15 maybe 50 years within the future. And what it has to do? That plan has to be dinamic. It has to be very flexible and it has to have a good action plans. Thay is what the gouvernment is all about. And the state must govern efectively. These concistent plans require leadership. Which means it requires the best people being in the gouvrnment not the worst. Again. The golden rule is to ensure the common good must alwais prevail over the individual interests. So. All of this which I am describing are the fuctions of the souvereign state, can only be acheaved if the best people rise to the top eshalones of the state to gouvern your country and my country, and not the worst people. The worst people should be put in their place which in many cases means putting them in jail. However, with the money system governt the so called democracy system, the worst peopole alwais seem to have the day. You see! The best people never rise riding on waves of money. QUite the contrrary. It is the worst people who do that. So, we must brake the backboun of the arbitrrary money power. We have to break the political party monopoly. We have to strice down the fact that small minorities, wild indescriminated power against the vast majority of us. Another words of "We the people!". It is a perverse triangle. You see. Because we have bad people in gouvernment. (Country after country) But we also have bad people in the controlled oposition. And the tridth part of this whole thing is that the media, the main stream media, will only allow those bad people in the government and those bad people in the opposition to be known by public opinion. It doesn't matter wheter is republicans or democrats in as the USA, labour or conservatives as it is in Britain, social democrats, cristian democrats as in Germany. It is the same marygo round that spins time and again, time and again with the same polititions, The same very mediaover people and they are given cameras and microfons and press possibilities in the news papers by the media. So It is a perverse triangle. The worst people are in power. The worst people in the opposition. And the media feeding upon them permamnently and only giving them the possibility of making their voice heard. Remember. The press is not the fourth power. Nowhere in the constitution of America or any other country that is say there is a fourth power.

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Posted by: wingman007 on Feb 21, 2011

1st Pillar: “RESTORE THE SOVEREIGN STATE” – First things first: the Sovereign Nation-State is the only social institution designed to promote the Common Interest of the majority of “We, The People” in every country, and to protect the National Interest against perils from abroad (foreign powers bent on imperial conquest), from above (world government) and from within (Trojan horses). But we must stress: a SOVEREIGN Nation-State, not the grotesquely eroded and deformed States and Governments all our countries suffer nowadays, which have been hijacked by the Global Power Elite and turned into Colonial Administration Entities..

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