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Jessica Mystic - My message to humanity III

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...consciousness. Does that not sound a little bit like ascension? like rising above all this mayhem once we face and deal with it in a loving way? So the illuminati is very much assisting with this process I wonder if that is where the saying comes from love the thorn as well as the rose or love your enemies Well at least now we know why that is because they are pieces of us Change oh we do not like the change We react by fighting, beeing afraid of it we are always afraid of what we do not understand It is like spending our life running from a dark room so why don't we just turn on the light and see what is so scary? The time has come to face all our fears and there is nowhere else to run or hide like we have in the past because it has just been filed to the bottom of our to do deal with pile but we have been doing this for so long that now it has risen to the top again Yes it is out of the unconscious and back into your conscious reality. Everywhere After all how can you run or hide from yourself and your loved ones who keep bringing up your shit? What are you going to do with all the people you can not get along with who are just mere reflection of yourself of what you do not want to see nor admit? So it is time to deal with this bleed through that is ever so present in our reality But do not worry we are ready for this, and we can definitely handle this Remember there is nothing we are given that we can not handle if our life is particularly challenging, which it is.. then hey we must be masters cause, after all, you did not beat 500 billion sperms for nothing you won that race there was obviously something very important you came here to do. But, what is it? Why in anyones right mind would be want to be on this crazy mixed up beautiful planet especially at this time? Could it be that you wanted to be here to witness the shift of consciousness? You might have forgotten but your subconscious sure didn't. Are we here to be the change we wish to see in the world? So when it comes to light as to how much we have been bamboozled by the illuminati whatever we do we must not direct our anger back at them cause it will just bounce back at us with such an intense force. They are rubber, and we are glue. Whatever we say bounces off of them, and sticks to us. Sticks to you Yes, that is indeed true. As this will only amplify the so seeming dire situation we all find ourselves in, we need to understand that with war it does not matter if you are conditioned to fight on the so called good side or the so called bad side which in fact does not even exist since they will only both lose because they are both duped in to fighting, ...and what we resist persists How much sense does it make to kill pieces of ourselves? Well that is like our left hand hitting our right hand and then vice versa Hate, hurt, discord and fear is illuminati food and it is their energy and power for their world Funny, much like that movie monsters inc. Another good movie that explains why we are so repressed is mentioned in Pixars animated movie "A bugs life" it is all revealed in the grasshoppers reasons for bullying the ants and why they are making the ants to slaves Check it out for yourself Guys, order another round! Because we are staying here yeah! yeah! Good! What was I thinking going back to these ants? I mean, we just got the earth, and we have more than our food to get us through the winter, right? Why go back? But, there was that ant, that is reluctant Yeah! but would you forget about him? Yeah, it was just one ant! Ha, ha ha! Right! It's just one ant! Yeah boss! they are puny! Mhhm, puny? Say, let's pretend, this grain is a puny little ant Did that hurt? No! What about this one? Are you kidding? Ha, ha ha ha! What about this? You let one ant stand up to us then they ALL might stand up those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one and if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life! It's not about food, it' about keeping those ants in line That's why we are going back! Does anybody else wanna stay? He´s quite the motivational speaker, aint he? Let´s ride... Yes! movies are definitely telling us what is going on, particularly the kids shows. You just have to develop our eyes and ears to see it My dears everyone of you are artists of life you are artists of love unconditional love artists We all love a good challenge, a good adventure, and indeed you have got one. Just another lie we have been told, that life is mundane, uhm, not! The key is to love the thorn as much as you love the rose Fall in love with your problems because they are shaping you into the person you need to be in order to do what you came here to do. But not just that, you can't necessarily control the problems that happen in your life but you can control your emotions and your actions afterward and that really makes all the difference as well You can use it to work for you, you can use it to work against you it's really up to you, we have that choice at every moment in our life depending on how contientious we will be in those moments. So, now I have a question for all of you out in youtube land If love is the most important, most powerful thing like we have always been told and taught then why does it not rule the world? If you say because evil rules the world... well that is interesting: do you really even know what evil is? I am dyslexic, and I wonder why this world is backwards and why live spelled backwards spells evil? How many people do you know who are like the living dead or feel half alive but mostly dead? Ah the living dead means to not be truly living in our full potential or even in the moment Not like a little child who is fully living But that soon gets discouraged cause in the land of the zombies they want to feast on our brains meaning think like them be like them Ah sheeple mentality! Which is why lived spelled backwards is devil and to live your whole life not fully living is to deny yourself Ah! your birth right. Looks like it is not such a bad thing to be dyslexic after all. Since the world in itself is so backwards and upside down like Alice in Wonderland... So then, I have another question for all of you, If love trumps all and is the most important, most powerful thing of all then why does it not rule and govern your world? What´s your excuse? We are all love containers and we are always given countless opportunities moments to experience them in love and gratitude whether it be with ourselves or with others with the nature, or life... Kids do not need a reason to be happy they just are. Could it be that they know they are love in it self? I know it sounds a bit silly and cliché but the truth is, and I have tested this out for myself, that to be in such a state of love and none judgemental, unconditional kind with ourselves and life our problems and enemies transform right before our eyes You will see that is indeed a conspiracy theory, but it is not what you think, it is one of awakening and angelic kicks in the ass Life is mad for you Once you realize this and love it back unconditionally, then you will become

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Posted by: iotemka on Apr 8, 2009

A blue print for a higher consciousness

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