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Defining the Matrix

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...We always hear this talk about the "matrix"... ...and the matrix... Matrix is really a system. It's really some sort of format, some sort of structure. Well, the one in which we operate, we operate in several levels; there are several levels of matrix. The one that I started talking about first, the reason why I wanted to go into that, is, as far as the governmental structure and all of that, is because that is the one that ensures that you're gonna be locked in, and then you have the others that are in control of that one, but this particular one, that's the kicker, 'cause that one ensures the survival program. That one ensures the "Survival Program" 'cause you'll always be surviving, -I don't care- and I will say it has nothing to do with money, has nothing to do with money. It has to do with fear and your ego. Those two things will make you hang on to surviving, 'cause you must protect what? Your life. You must protect you, your existence, at all costs you must protect that and that is the focus, and that's what this matrix does to you. It keeps you locked in here. And that's why -you can't even- you don't really see anything outside of that, because what it does is, it locks you in so tight that you keep coming back. It's tied into the re-incarnation wheel, -so we will talk about that later on too- it's tied into that reincarnation wheel, and that for people who say they don't believe in reincarnation, in a way I understand that, because past, present and future exist all at the same time. So since they exist all at the same time, then.... you are in one sense not necessarily experiencing past life experiences, -which we'll also talk about later on too- but it's more the traveling of your consciousness. So it's your consciousness that's doing all of the traveling and it just looks like you are all over the place, because you will only remember, or be able to acknowledge, the reality that you are focused on at this moment, like right now, like right now, like this is what we see, this is where we are at. Hum...but any way... it is a... I describe it as a spherical field of energy, it's like... it just pulsates, it has its own frequency pattern, and it's encoded with specifications for its existence, and what I mean by that is encoded with that, it's encoded with what is required for the life force, the life, you, here. OK? It's almost like a giant computer program, and it's got everything that is needed to ensure that you keep going the way you are going, but what's interesting is, is that it's only mirroring back to you what you are putting out, collectively, we have an understanding, collectively we are all thinking on a certain wave-lenght, right? So, what happens is, that is continuously being fed back in to it and it just keeps spiting out the same thing over and over, but you don't know that, so nothing changes, but you actually are the one regulating all of the systems, and that's the trippy part, you are the one regulating all of the systems. But the way it loops it so tricky, they way it loops... you are just always caught in someplace else, like a maze, that you just end up right back where you started from... always. So, the Earth, although, a system in itself, is not, really not the imprisonment system but is enveloped by this spherical field that I'm talking about, this field access a law to gate, I'veve said that many times, and has been designed to continue its existence just as long as collective consciousness continues to operate based on these laws that are the system itself. This system is in full awareness of the vibration of the general consciousness on the planet through uploads and downloads which take place on an ongoing basis. So, when I say "uploads" and "downloads"... (it's) because all creation is based on a transmitting and a receiving process, a transmitting and a receiving process, then, that same formula, throughout creation, this pulsating process that we are going to talk about, there is a pulsation just like you breath in you breath out. There is a pulse process, that happens with everything of creation, spin, all of that. So, this is the same situation that happens with the uploads and downloads into the system, so your consciousness, because of the vibration of your consciousness, where your consciousness is, it's looped into the system, and so it knows what is going on, what everybody is doing, it knows exactly what is going on. Now, we are going to talk about technology, but this is technology supported by electromagnetic fields, energy patterns of which consciousness, and the physical world exist, and that's color light and sound, -The color light and sound spectrum, which we'll talk about- and there are seven bands that surround the body, each one representing each of these seven levels that I'll be showing you after the break.

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Posted by: albasilente on Nov 11, 2009

Excerpt from Sonia's Memory Lecture, defining the term Matrix and our place in it

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