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Unstoppable The 2015 Endeavor Gala Video

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[♪ music ♪] [Two decades ago] [when we started with the idea] [to create jobs, champion innovation, and stimulate economies] [by supporting high-impact entrepreneurs] [in emerging and underserved markets] [by focusing on selection, mentorship, and role-models] [people said it would be] [impossible.] [Endeavor proved them wrong.] [Since 1997] [we've gone from serving a handful of emerging markets] [to growing ecosystems of entrepreneurship worldwide.] [Building businesses.] [Inspiring communities.] [Bridging the gap to capital.] [Helping entrepreneurs think big.] [Connecting them to mentors.] [Encouraging entrepreneurs to become mentors themselves.] [Sharing their stories] [giving back] [and multiplying their impact.] [So what makes an entrepreneur] [an Endeavor entrepreneur?] [In recognition of our 2015 Gala Honoree DIane von Furstenberg] [we salute our female entrepreneurs.] [From just 3 women in 2000] [to nearly 300 of our entrepreneurs today] [these women are making waves.] [Pioneering innovations in wearable technology.] [Engineering the world's first "smart goggles." Hind Hobeika, Instabeat, Lebanon] [Reimagining experiences.] [Creating the 'Google search' for images.] [Recognized as the first technology of its kind. Sira de la Coba, Shazura, Spain] [Achieving extraordinary scale.] [Instilling confidence in hundreds of thousands of women.] [Growing from $4 million in revenues to $150 million. Leila Velez, Beleza Natural, Brazil] [Empowering women.] [Creating opportunities for workers and their families.] [Employing and mentoring 2000+ women. Cynthia Mkhombo, Masana Hygiene, South Africa] [These are just four high-impact entrepreneurs] [among 1200 and counting.] [What once seemed impossible] [has now made us ] [unstoppable.] [As of 2015, our 1200 entrepreneurs leading 750 companies] [have created over 500,000 jobs] [generating more than $8 billion in revenue annually] [in 25 countries and 50 cities around the world.] [Our next big goal:] [2 million jobs by 2020.] [Endeavor] [We're just getting started.]

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Language: English
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Posted by: jose.damiani on Apr 16, 2016

Unstoppable The 2015 Endeavor Gala Video

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