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02 02 VRT Cox's Bazar beach at sunset

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One of the groups, Go to that side. One of the groups, Go to that side. Hey,leave us one inspector. Then go there. Mr. Kashem,go with them. Anyone of you guys,come here. <i>Hey,where's the inspector?</i> <i>Yes,sir. </i> <i>Can't you hear?</i> <i>Hey,why don't you guys come?</i> Tell one of them to come here. We have works to do. <i>Are you a journalist?</i> SEB:Yes. <i>What country are you from?</i> SEB:Sorry? SEB:Which country? <i>Yes?</i> SEB:The show is American. Two of you guys will take position here. With arms. You two,take position here. Don't let anyone get out from here. Two men will stand here. No one should get out from here. If anyone runs out from there, <i>We always wear black uniform.</i> <i>We're called Rapid Action Battalion.</i> <i>That's RAB.</i> SEB:RAB? SEB:What's that? <i>It's one kind of police.</i> One from the Ansar and one from the coast guard,stand here. One from the coast guard and one from the ansar. No one must leave from here. There are two people taking position on the front. And two must take position here. No one must run out from inside. If you find someone suspicious, Just take action. Is that clear? okay. You first. It won't work if you all are gathered here. There must be someone on the street. Is there any path from the back? No,no. Can you move a little? SEB:Yeah. Can you move a little? SEB:Yeah. <i>Is there any woman inside?</i> They bought it from you? <i>No,no.</i> Yes.They bought it from you. <i>No,they didn't.</i> <i>Hey,go to that side.</i> Excuse me. That's for my child to eat. That's fish .

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Posted by: radiba on Aug 5, 2018

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