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Entrevista a Marco Ripà 26 Mayo 2013

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well, hi Marco - Hi, hi Francisco Hi Marco ...well, i hope that my question was some good organizated with the little time that i prepare it. Marco, how old are you and where are you live ? I'am 28 years old and i'am still live in Rome, Italy. What is your IQ score ? and how you know it the first time ? What mean this in your life ? My IQ Score, i mean my average score would be around 160 using s.d. of the 15 And i discovered this IQ world, IQ test, and IQ societies, this little world when I was 23 years old. This doesn’t mean something in particular for me, but it has been a good method to knowing better myself, and discovering something that I haven’t already known about myself. Not everything, but just something more. I read that you study Bachelor of economics science. Can you tell me where you study and what about this profession? Yes, it’s correct. I am from Roma Tre University, in Rome And i am not currently involved in economics nor I am still a student. I am an autodidacta with a wide range of interests. Especially mathematics and literature. I like writing, reading. This is personal definition, but I think that I am mainly an autodidacta, rather than an economist. This is my idea about myself. Some that call my atention is that you wrote academic texts between are something about social justice. What about this? I typed a couple of papers in 2008 or 2009. I can’t remember the exact year. And there about facts on market’s failure, assimetric info and international monetary institutions and organizations. But my idea is that people should have similar opportunities, potential and and they have to start from the same point in their life. This should avoid adverse selection using an economics concept and more absurds which are related to assimetric info. but in this case I am looking at this phenomena in a social perspective. rather than from an economics point of view. We need to give people same instruction, same possibilities to being themselves, and to express their own potential. I think so. So I am not fan of lobbyists or personal interests which are not oriented in a more open field. What is your relation with OEIS? You created some sequences? Including some sequences about the problem of nine dots? Yeah, you’re right. I am the father of about 15 integer sequences, and my last sequence concerns the nine dots problem, and its extension to an multiply them, multiply them, dots version. So, this is just my last question but i am really interested in its development because this is an open problem that came the general extension to a random a general number of dimensions using an arbitrary large valuable of an number of dots in each row you can consider. This is quite a challenging experience for me. How is the name of the society that you establish in Italy? Tell me how many members have and now has your experience with it? My society they are a group who I funded in 2010, February. Has currently about 90 members and perspective members. And, it’s mainly folks on the gifted children supports, helping, and trying to help gifted children inside at the school they are or made the school specially, in my country in Italy. I took with a few gifted children there, and I learned a lot about them, and about other country’s methods and teaching methods, and institutions making some friendships, knowing some new friends too. Last year you and Gaetano Morelli did a publication about create a new generation of IQ tests of high range computer based. First, tell me some about Gaetano Morelli and what do you think is the problem with the old IQ tests like the Weiss and what is the characteristics of this new generation of IQ tests. Yeah, Gaetano is a good friend of mine, from the IQ world indeed, and he’s a member of SPIQR society as well, which is the group I founded, we have just talking about. We both agreed that standard IQ test, suffer from many faults. Plus they are prone to the risk of cheating, especially supervised one. And in ENNDT test, this is the identifying name we have given them. Is the first dynamic except for IQ tests, ever. And you can through this method, you can produce many tests, starting from the same inputs. They main advantage, if compared with the standard higher-end IQ test. Is that the norm, is unique, even if each test is different. This is a very important result in my opinion. And this way you can change the input sets as well, and continue and go forward, without needing any norm. So you can give to each testee a different test, but all this tests, are belongs to the same family and they’re difficulty is the same one, from test to test. And, you can change also the difficult, general difficult of any test, simply modifying a few parameters we have We can move inside this method to creating a new test. It is the best mathematical idea I ever published in an ebook, about one year ago, in 2012. I explained it also during the conference I have participated in in Dubai, in 2012. Some months later i write an article about Penta UC, a organization from a recognized University in Chile, that recibe gifted and academic talented kids to help in this education. What do you think about the education for gifted childrens and how to be the good growing of the talented childrens? Yeah. This is a very good question. Thanks for asking. I think that it is important to discover talented and gifted children, and giftedness in general. Very potential in this way. so family in school, with a sustained child, letting him to achieve his best, in my opinion. This is a good thing but allowing him at the same time to elaborate main initiative interest In particular school would support gifted pupils through acceleration; which means, keeping one or more scholastic years via curriculum comporting, and via curricular enrichment. This means that school of not to be focused on rigid pattern on rigid the way to teach to its students, but we need more flexible curriculum for gifted pupils and children Because, it’s quite common, that, a gifted child, is boring; shows boring symptoms when he is in school if you are not able to give him something challenging and interesting, for him. There are notable diferences between a people with normal IQ and a gifted people? , diferences that i can notice when i know a new person and i can tell "yes, this person have an high IQ". Tell me little bit about the inner world of a gifted people in your experience. That is some really interesting to me. I think that the bored symptoms are a good sign, but it is quite common to be hyperactive as well, curious and being a smart child obviously. Gifted children usually feel unfortunately feel sad, and they have some problems with abuse and friends. In particular, i was a lonely child and i loved mathematics from i was very very young. But I think that this is, there isn’t a general rule; just a few common characteristics that we can try to look at when we aim to discover if we are facing up gifted children or another children. This is not so simple to discover giftedness by ourselves. I think that if we’re not sure it would be a good idea to take supervised test, standarized test. This is my personal point of view. I know that you went to give a conference in Dubai with Evangelos Katsioulis, the founder of World Intelligence Network( WIN), and another people. What is your relation with WIN and what do you think that is the importance of this organization? WIN is not a common IQ society like SPIQR or another group, it’s a meta society, a meta-IQ society. I am just a member of the WIN, and I am not the only one to think that it is the right place to discuss or meeting gifted people and IQ societies founders and presidents. It’s a good place, where you can start to knowing better yourself, and other gifted friends, meeting gifted friends, make some new friendships and so. It’s a nice place, an open place, very nice. Evangelos( founder of WIN) is a great person, is really smart we know, and very nice project to started about 15 years ago. I think, but, now it is in the very best part of his life in my opinion. Can you tell me little more about the novel that you are writing? Tell me more about it and your general works, publication and books. Yeah. I published the book about the November 2011, and it's concern the ... rules of sum of hyperoperators(hyperoperators and big numbers ISBN 9788861787896). And it’s a quest specific work. Well, let’s see, I published an ebook with some new open problems inside which is very good in my opinion for material for mathematicians; very challenging experience. Now I am finishing to review my main work a novel about cryptography and doing an character with some of psychology inside. It’s the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Too hard to explain by words, it's not so easy to describe it right now. But, its has been very, very difficult to put all these things together. To finish the interview, what are you want to tell me and to the chilean people that would can be interested for this interview in the future? I’d like to thank you very much for it's all, for this interview. And for the opportunity to letting me talk about gifted children, and the children’s difficulties, feelings, and problems. There are some more, there are more than one hundred thousand, thousand, gifted chileans people and gifted childrens obviusly. So this is a very large number, and very great potential that in my opinion, it would be very important to support, and letting to, to this gifted people express themselves. They, they’re skills, they’re feelings, and this is a general matter, but one thousand, one hundred thousand gifted chileans, in 5 millions people. Well, nice to meet you Marco and thanks for the interview... Thank you very much for all and It has been a pleasure to talk with you, to meet you in the WIN board, and on Skype.

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