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LOVE WHAT YOU DO! TUPPERWARE MID-NOVEMBER 2017 BROCHURE NOVEMBER 11-DECEMBER 8, 2017 Hey y'all it's me Cheryl, and are you ready to be merry and bright with your brand new mid-November brochure? I know you are. So, let's start with your host gift special. It continues from our mid-October brochure and every host is gonna want to party because they can qualify for this amazing Holiday Host Prep Set. And the great thing about this set, y'all, is your host can keep the set for themselves and they can share it if they want to. But don't forget that they also qualify for our dating gift. You know in my world, I love to give our host the opportunity to earn all four. One, just for letting me walk through the front door. The second one, for having 10 or more attendance. The third one, for having one or more dates when I get to the party. And the fourth one, for a 100 $ or more outside orders when I get to the party, then they get the set of four. Once again, they can keep all four or they can share. So, how awesome is that? Are you ready to party? Okay, y'all. So, now you know why everyone gonna want to host a party and why are people gonna want to come to a party. Well, not only is Santa fixing to come to town but, 6-pc Stuffables Set are coming to town just in time for the holidays. And we have an amazing set. And it is your buy one get one set, guys. And it's on sale and your customer are gonna love these. And here's why. You know guys, when you're going and you putting your plans away, and a customer or you, yourself, go to put something in the bowl and you go to put your seal on it, and you're like, It's a just a little bit too much on that bowl and you got to dump it out in one bowl and go to a bigger bowl, those days are over with our Stuffables. 'Cause the cool thing is, is your seals expands. Now, I wanna share with you all how you wanna show this at your Tupperware party. So, if you just bring a can with you, doesn't matter what kind of can, just bring a can. I have a can of soup, put it in the middle of a bowl, take your seal and just walk-it like you walk the dog. All the way around. And then what happens y'all is you can see how the seal expand and it's a good visual for your customer really to see. Wow, that really does hold a lot of food. So, the great thing about this, guys, is when you're sending home with your family, some of your homemade cooking, you want to send it home with the best, send it home with Tupperware. So, not only are you gonna be stuffed, but your Tupperware Stuffables will be stuffed too. And the great thing about Stuffables is the bottoms are microwavable but not the seals. But, think about this, guys. You might have some stuffing and some turkey in here, you could put your place cover 'cause it's back and it's on sale. Right on top. Put it in the microwave and re-heat. Now, why you wanna cover your food when you're re-heating? A. It keeps the moisture in. And make sure you tell all your customer, always re-heat on 50%-70% power. So, we have our microwave place cover is on sale. But we also have another favorite of mine, guys. And it is your seal organizer, The Place for Seals. And they're back and they're on sale. And you can see you great our seals fit inside here. I actually have three...well, I actually have four of these at my house. I have three with all of my different size seals. So, you can do one for all your small seal. Then you can do one for you medium size seal. And you can do one for your large seal. Which works perfectly with our Stuffables. And then we also have our Jumbo Bread Sever. It's back, in time for the holidays. So, it's great for that loaf of bread. It's also great if you go to the deli, y'all. When you buy your French bread or a baguette and you want to cut 'em in half. You just stack 'em on top of each other. And they'll stay right inside here, in this is also great for your napkin, so it'll stay inside here. Or if you ever go and you buy your muffins from one of the big box stores. after you opened them up, you can store 'em right inside here, guys. In this will also holds an awful lots of cookies! So, lots of reason why you customers are gonna want to come to a Tupperware party. Okay, y'all. So, now you always wanna make sure that you have your good, better, best set at your party. So, I'm gonna build it for you, right now. So, your good set would be your 12 piece Stuffable set, right? Remember, buy one get one. That's your good set. But then you want to add it to your better set. And so what you can do, y'all, is you can add not one, but two of your seals organizers, okay? And then you can make it into your best set. And you can add not one, but two of your Microwave Plate Covers. And then what happens, y'all? Is it they choose to split the set. The customers have six of our Stuffables. They each have one of the seals' organizer and they each have a Microwave Plate Cover. How awesome is that? Good, better, best. Now, you know what, y'all? I'm gonna give you a couple more uses for your large seals organizer. Because not only it is amazing for your seals, but it also great for a whole package of paper plate. So, if you're at the park, you're camping, you're at the beach, you don't want 'em to fly away, just put 'em right inside here. VoilĂ ! It's genius! But you know what, guys, you can also organize yourself in your bathroom. I actually have one in mine. This is from my home. And look y'all. My blow dyer, my brush, my hair-spray, and my pick is all right here. So, you can be organized in your bathroom too, guys. So, lots of different reason and lots of different ways to use our seals organizers. So... are you ready to go out and party? Okay, y'all. I'm gonna share with y'all some tips. So, you can share with your customer concerning the Stuffables. First of all, it's all about stacking. Now, what you wanna tell your customer, guys, is when they're taking off the seals, most people wanna go from the largest to the smallest when they're stacking but on the Stuffables, you literally, guys, you're gonna start from the smallest to the largest. Because they nest inside each other just like this. Okay. So, that's all the room that you're gonna take inside your cabinet. And the small bowls do the same thing. So, share that way, okay. So, you always go smallest to largest. And then, when you're displaying them at your Tupperware party y'all, when you have the seals on the regular way they kinda are a little wobbly, right? So, when you're putting the seal on, another little tip that I'm gonna share with you all, is to make them look like they're nice and even is take your seal, guys, and when you're walking it on, just walk it down before you seal the little tab push in the middle and push down. And what happens is, it takes a little indentation and then a little sit on top of each other. VoilĂ ! And it's another great way to show your customer how they really are a Stuffable, because the seal really does extend. How awesome is that? Okay, y'all. We have some of our favorite set on sale. Some of these pieces are exclusive and they're 35% or more off. Starting with our Master Entertainment Set. It counts with our Large Serving Center, and our Small Serving Center. So, whether you want to serve a little or serve a lot, Tupperware can meet those need, y'all. And don't forget, these are exclusive. And then we're gonna move on to our Shake & Marinate Set, with our Quick Shake Container. Our Large Season-Serve and our Jr. Season-Serve Containers, exclusive! And these are a must have, whether you're marinating your meat, y'all, or whether you're making that Caprese Salad, or one of my tip that I like to share, is during the holidays or really any time of the year, if you're making a ham and you're baking a turkey, and you know you're gonna have your friends over, you can slice up that ham and the turkey. You put your ham on the bottom, put a piece of wax paper on top. It's the only time I use wax paper. And the put turkey on top of the wax paper. And whether somebody's want a turkey sandwich or flip-it-over, they want a ham sandwich, you can store everything in one container. And then we also have... All of you, master bakers out there, we have a set for you. Starting with our Snack-Stor Large Container. It's the bomb, guys, for all of those homemade cookies. Measuring Spoons, Measuring Cups. And a Rolling Pin. And this is exclusive, y'all. And the great thing about the Tupperware Rolling Pin, you can unscrew this, y'all. And you know what, you can actually add either warm water or cold water depending on what kind of dough you'll be rolling out. And did you all know that you can fill this up with pop-corn and put this in the freezer. And the next time I get-together, I'll tell you why you'll gonna wanna do that! So, are you excited about all of these amazing set we have in sale, in your mid-November brochure? Okay, y'all. So you know everyone's out shopping for the holidays. And why not shop Tupperware because we have our own Shopping Wonderland with some amazing products. Then we have group some products so your customer can purchase and get a discount on one main product. So, when your customer spend $20 or more, they have the opportunity to purchase at a discount, our Round Container. And you guys know, this is a fan favorite. Now, when they take that order up to $35 or more, they then can purchase our 2-Qt. Pitcher with Infuser Insert, and it actually has the infuser in it. And how awesome is that? Now, when your customer take that order up to $50 or more, we're gonna add the Super Cereal Storer and when your customers take it to $80 or more, they can purchase at a discount on our 3-piece Tupperware Impressions Classic Bowl Set. So, everything you need for your customers to shop this holiday season. All right, y'all. So, the savings continue. Our Large Storage Tote is on sale. And I have to tell you once again, I love this. I probably have 25 of these at my house. So, we're showing you how great it is to store all of your ribbon. But you know what, y'all? All of those important document, that you've gotta get to 'em at fingers tip, put them right inside here. And what else you can use it for? If you do any scrap-booking. it all goes right inside here. If you knit, everything goes right inside here. And I have to tell y'all. I have about 15 or 20 of this. With all of my holiday decoration are inside here. So, all of my ornaments are in here. Somebody handmade me a maternity set, probably 25 years ago, it's inside here. I wanna store the things that means something to me. And I want to store 'm in the best, and that's Tupperware, y'all. So, lots of different reasons why your customers are gonna want this. And another idea is... here in Florida, we wear sweater just a couple times a year. Put 'em inside here. They fit underneath the bed, guys. Same thing with your boots. You can put 'em inside here, underneath the bed. And you know what, y'all? We also have... This is the holiday season and everybody wants to give. So, when your customer purchasing either this set or this set out of our catalog, a portion of their purchase price goes back to one of the charity that Tupperware support. So, gift big and give big this holiday season. Okay, y'all. So, now we're gonna talk about our tear-off. And it's start on November 11, and it runs to November 24. And I'm gonna start with our customer favorite, and it is our Posh Plaid Lunch Set. It's on sale y'all. And don't forget when you're talking about your lunch bag, make sure you're telling your customers it comes with a 16oz tumbler with the flip top seal, the snack cup and a Sandwich Keeper. And they're all on sale! How awesome is that? And then you all know this is my favorite mug. And it is back and it is in the blue, that matches your lunch bag. So guys, you wanna take this and you wanna group this together as a set and it's on sale for the last two weeks of the November sales month. Then we continue, guys, on the next of our tear-off. We have some different offers for the US market and the Canadian market. So let me start with the US offers. First of all, both market have our set of two of our Lunch-It Containers. And y'all know that this are so popular during the summer time, and getting ready to go back to school. We put them back on sale again and make a great stocking stuffer. We also have in the US market, our Mini Salad Keeper is on sale. Another great stocking stuffer, 'cause you could put a gift card in there. And we also have our 12-pc. Tumbler Bouquet on sale. Our 9oz tumbler, our 12oz tumbler, and our 16oz tumble. And you know what, y'all? This is a gift for all season and for every body. 'Cause you can use these as stocking stuffer. Fill this up with some candies. Put the seal on it and drop it in the stocking. How great would that be? And everybody loves our tumbler. In the Canadian market, we're offering them a set of not one but two of our FridgeSmart Mini Containers. And in the Canadian market you also have our Classic Mix-n-Stor Pitchers, guys. Both the small and the large. And then all markets have our Wine Tote. Okay, so you wanna go and you wanna give a bottle of wine to somebody for the holidays, put it in our Tupperware wine tub. You don't even have to wrap it. This is the wrapping, guys. And we also have our Impressions Bottle Coolers. It's on sale. So, you know what, y'all? You can group these two together. So now, you're giving them a bottle of wine and you're also giving them a wine cooler, right here. And it's all Tupperware. How awesome is that? So, you all ready to go out and party? Okay, y'all. So now, last but not least, we have our attendance offer. You know, in my world, attend a party, spend some money and get an amazing offer. And we have not one but two. You get to double up on our Snow Place Like Home 30oz Thirsquake Tumblers. And look it, guys. This tumbler design matches our Snow Place Like Home canister design. So, this is a callback to all of your customers that you sold in October because now, they want to add this to their collections. And don't forget, these 30oz Thirstquake Tumblers are great stocking stuffers too. You can run to one of your favorite beverage store. Like, maybe, Starbucks. And get one of those Starbucks on the go pack, put it inside here. And use this as a gift. You wanna big stocking stuffer? Here's your big stocking stuffer, guys. Fill this up with some treats and stuff this into somebody stocking. Or you wanna give a gift to your FedEx guy? This is the gift. Don't give 'em one, give 'em two, guys. So, Snowflake like home. Everyone's gotta have our attendance offer. Okay, y'all. And before I say goodbye, don't forget, you always wanna share your iStory at your Tupperware party. Why did you say yes to the Tupperware opportunity? And you can also talk about why Nikki said yes to the Tupperware opportunity, because she shares her story in our mid-November brochure. And you know what, y'all? Nikki loves being a wife, Nikki loves being a mom, and Nikki loves being a two-star director. Because she gets to share the joy that Tupperware has brought to her and her family. So, until I see you again. Remember, as the Stein Ove always says Think big, start small, but begin, now. See y'all later. TUPPERWARE

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