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Bloodline. (PROD. Homage beats)

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Duration: 2 minutes and 50 seconds
Language: English
License: Dotsub - Standard License
Genre: None
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Posted by: wretchfortune on Dec 24, 2018

Written, Mix, Mastered And Performed By Wretch Fortune.

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Look I use this fuckin pen and paper,
Rant about rappers plan is to get this shit lit up spit verse versus the world and split up,
All day we dream of music just to work harder in night
Claps be free on the day of your fall they say artist be poor but we take the world on fire for sure
A brain is hardwired kinda weird we dress up,
But we mess with guts that you lack to show up
This flow obviously gon be the hardest thing for y’all to understand
But understand under my feelings I got thunder slamming into my mouth when
I’m about to stomp Y'all like moths I’m an Indian Santa clause riding buffalos
With a black beard, here come my whack spears so better shed a lot of tears,
I’ve been a part of my fears
Clear them all coz I'm real peeling off my personality revealing my shit but not believing in your single negative thoughts
Imma predator naturally preying your thoughts
Gradually changing the time just being
Nice for no beefs I’m mature enough to handle my clashes, you got to wait
This me is real you fuckin can't match me
I don’t change when camera flashes,
I smell people I don’t scan skin I scan flesh bitch
Unless and until I’m here rapping you fuckers can’t judge me
I’m not sorry, I don’t give a shit if I hurt somebody plus some bee's ho buzz a lot to sting,
I cuss a lot I don’t sing
Don’t call me rapper if you expect me like some honey's that sings,

I can see friends turning into wanna bee's you know what I mean, you guys lean on
Things that gives Y'all shit,
I’ve been on ships that just be another chip on my shoulder look I’ve been on drugs before I got older so now
I sip cups of rhymes and rap music be my fodder I’m not in order like I was before
But I’ve practiced tongue twisters like she sells sea shells on the seashore
To reach each level of this rap battle
Il fuck your songs and I’ll make a rap tape
For rap scandal
I’m capped with my demons now
But they’ll crown my shit soon,
I got trust issues but not with the moon,
Coz moon be my talent and this gon lead me between stars,
Fuck this scars my mic is wounded by my thoughts

aye! What up Kaio Say 'HI'

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