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Talking with myself. Hablando conmigo misma.

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I watched the video where Jacque looks very angry with Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist Movement What was your reaction? I felt sad I thought Jacque had a lapsus. I must find all the information I can. Then I heard the conversation Roxanne had with various zeitgeist members including Peter. Roxanne said they wanted to split because they felt the Movement was not going in the same direction as the Venus Project. People from the movement reacted in different ways. Peter Joseph was very angry and said strong words I don't like that, but this time I understood him. Roxanne also said strong words although she is more controlled. Them came Peter Joseph Blogtalk Radio Show. Yes, I liked what he said, he looked he had recovered from his anger And was returning with renewed energy to his activism And what about VTV Blogtalk radio with Jacque and Roxanne the same day? They said they could talk with Peter and see if they could find some common grounds I think that would be great We need the three of them working together, even if they go by different names I hope would start some learning institution through internet for the theoric subjects and in Venus for the practical teachings. Yes, and I would like Peter speak with them and forget about the unsociable behaviour of Jacque and Roxanne in the past. And me, I was angry I was hurt because Roxanne's message included all of us too. I also thought they all were narcissists about their work and overreacting about their experience of being cheated in the past. I can understand them though, but I think the world's problems are bigger than their worries of being stolen. Yes, and the movement has an enourmous amount of people who agrees with their points of views mostly What are my plans now? Learning more and also share with others what I have learned. So I will remember all the good things I shared with all of them and work towards our common goal: A RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY

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Duration: 2 minutes and 5 seconds
Country: Uruguay
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Flora Miles
Director: Flora Miles
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Posted by: floramiles on Apr 27, 2011

I am trying to express my thoughts about the split between The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement.
My idea is to express how many thoughts come to my mind in the subject.
Trato de expresar mis pensamientos sobre la separación de TVP de TZM. La idea es describir muchos pensamientos diferentes sobre el asunto.

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