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Good morning, Katerina. Good morning Captain Whitaker. Here's the manifest. We have 102 souls on board. Let's get them tucked in. We're ready to push. [heart monitor beeping] How you feeling, man? Looks like you pulled some kinda move up there, man. You saved a lot of lives. [passengers yelling] [warning buzzers] We are in a dive. I've no control on my side. Are we going down? I want everybody in brace position. The way you landed that plane was nothing short of a miracle. I'm not seein' nothin' but houses! Evans, listen to me. Trim us nose down. The plane fell apart at 30,000 feet. We're gonna roll it. What do you mean, roll it? Ready? Here we go. ♪ [ Rolling Stones - It's Just A Shot Away] I'm on the list, little girl. There is all kinds of crazy news people out here. You're a rockstar, man. You will never pay for another drink as long as you live. Captain Whitaker is a real American hero. This is Hugh Lang. He's an attorney from Chicago. -Why do we need a lawyer? -You don't remember having your blood drawn the night of the crash? You had alcohol in your system. That could be life in prison. -The NTSB hearin's in 10 days. (Whitaker) I'm under the microscope right now. (Reporter) Are you hiding something? -Are you gonna shoot me? Can I come inside? Yeah, come on inside. I'll shoot ya inside. -This was an act of God. - Who's god would do this? -Our investigators concluded the aircraft failed. - The FAA placed 10 pilots in simulators, recreated the events - every pilot killed everybody on board. You were the only one who could do it. - You saved my mom. - I want to talk about the day leading up to the accident. This thing is so heavy, it's killed me. I drank the night before the flight. Does Whitaker know he's going to jail? - My clients don't go to jail. - It's a lie. It's a lie. ♪ It's just a shot away ♪ ♪ It's just a shot away ♪ - I'm trying to save your life. - What life? - We lost all power! Brace for impact. No one coulda landed that plane like I did.

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