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Jacque Fresco - Dependency, Sharing, Security, Laws, Thought Control (1975)

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Well, everything, how do you share when people's interest are not identical? See what that is? What you really share? You shared a moment? And you really shared? It's the question yet you have to think about. How would you really think, that you share in your life with others? Come on, do you really think it now? You only share, of course you only share a portion of your values. Isn't that true? Yes. A portion. And you can't share your life. Because you were now with Joel and say, isn't what happen, wonderful. And Joel says, yes, i'm going to rock on it too. And he bought one of these things. And he had this wonderful idea. But he don't really care about those things. So, in other words, if an individual appear with abundance, you say, with women. And that is not interesting. And Joel said, no that's nice, and he worried. Then i said that is true. And he instead said myself on you, not only him. So, you don't share to anyone. Now, how much you share? You know, really? Come on now, if you really feel love is sharing, do you really share? Don't you would say, you never want to do that things i wanted you... You are sharing your birth, don't you? And that would be a great idea for banging, loving and sharing. All right. Anyway, it seems to me, that people only hand what they only used to share. And only shares those things that they can share. And things that they are able to share. And sometimes you get married with a person, when you say in trouble of selfish, that means you don't do things in my way. That is what it means. When you want to do what you want to do, you know you want to see a movie i don't want to see, you always want to see a musical, and i like westerns. See? Now, if she says all right, i will go with westerns if you go with me for a movie, you say, musicals. There is some share? That is a (?), that is a deal. And i don't like those deals, i don't know what people want to make it. Because, the westerns, i said why don't you go to bet with Sam tonight, you know, you are going to be nervous, and urine for all weak. So i think all he have is the little girl. And that is sharing. Then isn't sharing. And i find is that there is a lot of lies in forcing behaviour between the male and female, not that they do at the delivering thing. Their culture. Indoctrinated. You see that? When patterns that are unattainable. That is why we have so much trouble. We have trouble because, i think that happiness is the ability to certain standard, to live in the style, a lifestyle, that you find extensional view without the government intervenient. Let's assume you want to swim in nude in some lake, way out of the country somewhere. And the police helicopter comes all over. (?) said that is nobody here, not bothering anybody. I'm not molesting anybody. Which one calls on the another one. Well, it would can even be you, because that is what you like, and if you were vegetarian, you would say, organic food, you want to have a notion of how to (?) on organic food. But there are not ways to (?) for you. They don't share your values. Then you are a loser, you want to do a shift. You don't want to go and share your holidays. So, the trouble in the world is, this country agrees and happiness, and sharing their values. Do you understand that? And this country believes happiness and sharing, how would they used to that? And another country believes happiness and sharing, some other guys used to. But let, i don't want to go alone with this because i say so. I may be wrong. So, in the ideas that people share. In other words, maybe i'm more on thinking on a negative point of view, which is very possible. So, let's kind of think the people might share things. Outside of scarcity. You're nice to people that is nice to you. And how can anybody be nice to you? if you can't have access to anything you want? Say there is a sale vague in the bay that you don't have to get along with the (?), and you go out align with the (?). You were just there. You get on and put this away. And say he is in charge there, and he just makes sure that nobody says fired (?). But he just gets on the boat and cruise the line. That you are all right to say thank you, because he is supposed to make sure that people get in boat they want to get it. And now it is not in their authority to stop you or give you the boat you want. Now, why do you take people out of the boat with you? In the beginning, because you need people to tight up the boat, get assured and gets up the rope, you know, and have it fast. But if you got a rope and made yourself fast. And you had, if you had these things, if you have brought up with a high degree with self sufficiency, what would happen to me then? What would happen in sharing? Is it a desirable thing? Should we train children to depend on one another? Should we raise children to do their own thing? Should we raise children not to imitate one another, but to be unique and individually creative? Or should we get them into their uniform, all each other growing and sharing the same thing? Today we are going to draw a bird, and you were (?) some paper, and all these kids go around (?) a little bird, and you hang around and pick up the yellow. When you have kids draw an asshole, why a bird? Why not draw whatever they want to draw? A big fat eyeball with the optic nerve hanging out. The kids may be interested in anatomy, on the (?). You see, that is disgusting. You know, draw little birds, you say. In other words, what is talking through? How much freedom should people have? When this freedom become dangerous? Couldn't they then build their own thing, shaped like this? That is called the true church of phenomenon, physic phenomenon, you know, there is a church. And then in that church, they got all things, and transmissions, and electrical conductions, and deep apreciation of mechanical principles. And in there, they don't worship account on the visible. They just say that they understand that trees fall over, in term that they do some digest processing and making, and reach the fertilizer, you know, It reaches the ground. And then, there is another institute that deals with the study of parasites. And they look into your intestines and say, all kinds of little warms and things. And sometimes those parasites produces secretions, that enable you to live without them. Or they produce secretions that enable other parasites to live, which in turn produces secretions that done everything for you, but cause a third set of parasites to break down certain food substances that you can't break down. You see what that mean? If you clean your intestines, all parasites will die. There are some that are useful. Not directly, some are indirectly useful. Some would say what kind is a hurricane? Well, a hurricane might point out of sections, sometimes blows coconuts into the water, way out. And drops way out miles, in other islands, where they will be planted. Sometimes a bird, birds migrates, and they might take their shit out of the island, and drop some seeds. Little birds will do that, because birds don't digest everything they eat. A lot of seeds are around them for deal. And sometimes birds would fly over a lake, and they will drop and produces other kinds of species, not lakes. So, i'm trying to say here that is pretty hard to know. Whether or not man reads other man. And it seems that some animals chase their young on the way when they are able on be fair on themselves. When they are able to hunt, see, these things. And some animals, like a bear in particular, or a lion, when you said that. As the cut comes over to the mall, you know, and means against that, and once you played with it, sometimes you push away against that. In other ways, busy in going somewhere else, preoccupied, the cloth wouldn't be instead, and go and not over 40 feet. One shot. Now, sometimes they don't care about those things. And a mother, adorable, of byte each other, like this. And this bothers them too much. Now, we don't know what the instinct for survival is, and all these things around, these things may not be true. And maybe it is better to bring up human beings to be dependant upon another that is this phase of our lives. And would be better if i were told with you, when i travel all over the boat and fellow Fresco limits, and you were on saying that. But would be better if you said were saying those things for you. Because we live in that kind of society. So i think, that this kind of society, it is actually necessary. But if i felt over when (?) written up and back, i'm sure it couldn't help. But it has back into describing it automatically. So i think that we work together, because working alone is difficult. Two man or one man trying to build a (?) camera alone, that is a terrible long time. And two man can really grab a lot, a hell of a lot work. Three people that cooperate can get so much more done. And they have a sense of well being, because we have to finish this volcano, John says now, you help me with mine, that is a general opinion. So they helped out they all have a little volcano. So, and sometimes you fire people living in a little comune, and let's say that the indians or natives, they raided the area. And i walked on and said, what if you all people join up in a comune, because then will be out of protection, three or something, in the way. And while you are very good in making arrow heads, when you were down in the cold, you don't get any narrow head. So we had nine people that narrow heads and javelins, we have greater protection. So, these people get together, and then build a little community. And they got a fence around it, and they got tenths of little houses there. And so, they feel pretty good, but they have many standing out of there. Looking out on towers, to make sure that there is no indians around. And sometimes indians (?) a fire arrow that wouldn't fence, i'm sure you know that. And instead of burning. And if you come up with the fence, that doesn't burn. If you are able to, in the early days. And the fence was (?), you know, it is difficult to fly over. And very slick, and some indians try to climb over and slip down. They even send a (?) on vacation. And if you can build large enough area, and let's assume electronic protection, you don't need (?) there, i mean. You don't need gods because you have no other way to protect your home. That is supposed you guy jealousy window on your home, assumed that guy is jealousy. You cut the screen, put your hands on it, and then (?) will click. And there you will be in. Waits out there. There i would like to get, then. That is a god in there, and when it is going away... Away? And let's just say that without, because (?) turns a man, and when it turns a man, you say, (?) comes around and you got no problem. Now, you don't need police protection. What you want is protection, not a set of policeman around. You wanted to be protected to pursue the things you want to pursue, you want to go away from your home and not wondering about anybody setting up a fire or ruining anything. So, what you really want is security, but not necessarily people. When you say that you want people, because people needs security in the early days. And that was enough covered ways. By the way, there is a group that reminds me, that is covered by a covered wagon. What the hell you think, and the thing was breaking down and you put the settles on the backward, upon it's own backward. And people are trying to live in the old style. Why should people want to take out misery? It is obviously that they have sometimes an arrestment development. Why should anybody want to sit in the old time of the company chairs? Why, then? When i like it to come in into this. What possible use is the relationship with another person, if these things were solved. I think that the future will generate highly independent people, that do not depend on another person, to a war, love, these things, and anything else. That would be true. Now, when i talk about narcissism, when a person is int love with himself and give a shit about anybody else. I'm then talking about them. I'm telling that you can get in a co pilot, i would say okay that you can make on electronic co pilot is better than a co pilot. But sometimes in a long flight, i can't say, you know, i stated today on electronic co pilots. So, we would like to have electronic co pilots that i could talk to. And the answer, when the man gets angry, it means that keeps stimulating conversation with them. Now, how many people believe that you can build a strong identification with machine, a green ball, yet the green ball could meet your needs in many ways. How would you believe that? So, if, what, when you have enough, when soldiers were on getting food, and were in get in pain, and they said they used to kill and cutting people down, that doesn't mean anything, for me, to kill you, and take might by force. And it doesn't mean anything to shoot you and take your (?). You see? These people don't mean anything to each other anymore. This is a society broken down. It is broken down in the (?). Now, if in America, if this even happen, in some rare dust from outer space that begin to (?) all our agriculture areas. And it would take whatever happen in America if you i don't know or something. Let's assume most of the food supply beginning to disapear. Then, all citizens will be as many that they can compile now in electronic computers, then will go over list, and all of the children with mental deficience, will be destroyed. Can you understand that? We are not that sure. If there is only enough food, you say, to 7 billion, we have 300 million people. You understand? And now, to make that decision, i can't make such decisions, somebody is going to make that decision, and you can make it, as you can, they would destroy those (?), and then there was terminal cancer people there on the way out, happened to the best of the knowledge. Now, people that would be giving a gasoline on the cars, on the doctors, power-plant engineers, soil conservationists, you know, they will be giving best cars and their powerful cars, and the use of helicopters, do you understand that? So, and then gradually, you will have great production on population. Then they will be able to grow food again to their safe, they will implement their each, and able to do that mean. So the law, all law, is a result of the circumstances that society frightens itself then. Let's assume you go back to the strings in this civilization... You know that somebody said to me, would that be horrible vision of the future. I said yes, a the movie about the present day would be a horrible movie. subscribe... thanks!

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Jacque Fresco - Dependency, Sharing, Security, Laws, Thought Control (April 11, 1975)

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