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C8L2: Develop Deft Touch&Feel

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I am sure its a little more obvious this slowness for feel and touch will work better. I want to show you this slice here of Djokovic's is to emphasize you always want to be slow. You want to be moving your hips in and out very steadily, very slowly and you want to think in terms of slowness. You know don't over react under react see now it looks like a slice and he just massages the ball. See his entire body moving like that so its great for a disguise #1. Number 2 look at this feel this is a very difficult shot for most people. Look at Warren he holds his coil, really holds his coil and just moves with his body. See that letting the head of the racket just lay back and that is where you get all the touch in the world. You really want to practice that kind of a pick up as well where you have the touch. On these drop shots its the same thing see how he just moves his body in and out and the arm doesn't really do much. When it does that is when you get into trouble like here is a couple he misses. See the arm starts to come ahead of the body so he was feeling pretty good but for some reason he let his arm get slightly ahead of his body see that now he has to break his wrist and do something because he didn't feel the pull with his body so he drops into the net no timing. You really want to fine tune his touch. You can tell watching here which ones go in right the ones where he almost holds his arm back. Those are the ones he has the best touch on. When his arm comes ahead of his body like right there see that comes ahead of his body and bam right in the middle of the net. I think at this point I have told him, Warren get connected to your body again, hold your coil. Now watch see how long the racket lays back and it comes out in much better timing and the geometry is correct. So the longer you can hold your coil and the slower you can move with the center of your body. The more you can stretch out in slowly to the 45 degree angle the better feel you are going to get, the better touch you are going to have. Once again on feel on drop shots and touch shots, blocked soft shots understand that when you are doing something like this you want to have your body completely attached to the shot. So the slower you move and the less you do with your arm the better. Lets take one last look at Djokovic who has very nice touch. Watch how he just strikes that ball and now what how he comes into that next shot. The exact same backhand exact same way comes around the corner then abbreviates it and at the 45 you can see right there its easy to massage when his arm is held in a beautiful bow and he uses his entire body. Watch it again, he uses his entire body. The slower you do it the more control you have, the more you can be balanced so don't rush anything. Here is a nice from Dolgopolov stayed right there even threw his right foot back.

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 24, 2014

This is the science of feel.

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