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Mid-September Brochure (English-V1)

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, y'all. It's me Cheryl. And are you ready to see your new Mid-September brochure? Y'all, you know what? It's going to be a fiesta of savings and we're serving with traditions starting with this entire Talavera Serving Collection. Now, guys, these pieces right here are Essential Serving Line. These are all the right pieces. They're just not the right colors. Everything is going to come in this set in your Tokyo Blue, y'all. So, what does this set consists of? Well, first of all, y'all, we have three Essential Serving pieces: two medium and your soup tureen. And the nice thing about soup tureen or soup server is this is a cover, not a seal, and it has a raise handle, so it makes it easy to get on and off. And look what Tupperware does, guys, you actually have a ladle inside. And you know what's so great about this, y'all, is on the one side of the container, it's notched out, And whether you're using the ladle or the serving spoons, they have a little notch on it. And watch, guys, it will actually rest right inside there. I know. No mess on your hand because the handle stays clean. Don't y'all love that? And then, the cover actually has a notch on it, too. So, this goes right on top of here And, voilà, who does that? Tupperware! I love this set, y'all. And it also includes your condiment serving set, guys, not three, but four of this, with seals, because these are seals. And you know what, y'all, this is how you open these seals. You just push in the middle, there are one-touch seal. Pull it off. And to close, you just push it down. How awesome and how easy is that. But there's something else that makes the condiments so awesome, guys, is watch. Are you ready for a little bit of magic? Okay, watch. Voilà! So if you just need two, you can just do two. How great is that. Or if you need all four, you've got all four. So, if you're doing the chili guides and you're serving it right inside here, now you can have your sour cream here, you can have your grated cheese using our Grate Master, right? You can have some onions that you've chopped up, and your little mini chopping prep. And some people like to add, you could do the little soup crackers right inside there. So, everything you need for your chili, so Tupperware thinks of everything, y'all. And we're also going to have four of our Microwave Reheatable Luncheon Plates in the set. So, this is your Essential Serving Set and it's sold together as a set. And then we move to the Talavera Collection, guys. and don't you love this print. It is gorgeous! So, this is our one-gallon Classic Pitcher and it is our Classic one-gallon Pitcher, so y'all know this is a customer favorite. And it also comes with our 16-ounce tumblers with the flat seal. Who else gives you a seal to a tumbler? Tupperware does. And it comes with not one, but two of our 18-cup serving bowls, guys. Is this not absolutely, positively gorgeous? I love this set. And all of these is sold as a set. And now, when your customers take advantage of the Essential Serving Collection, and the Talavera Collection, it also entitles them to take advantage of our P with P which is not one, but two up our 2½ cup Talavera Collection Stacking Bowls. Now, this will also be in the Talavera prints, so it'll be gorgeous. Now, this right here is the smaller of the bowls, but I want to show you how this works, okay, guys. So, same concept. So, they're going to get two that are just going to be bigger, but here's what's so great about it. First of all, look, they actually are attached. So, all you're going to do, guys, is just twist and pull out, okay, and now you have two individual bowls Now, you're going to grab your 18-cup serving bowl, so now you've got some chips in here, and some guacamole in here, or some salsa inside here. Now watch, guys, there's a notch. there's a notch. You just line it up. Okay, put it in and turn. Voilà! Are you ready? Huh! I know! So, this is your on the go. So, you're going to a fiesta party in September. Okay, guys, this is what you're going to want to take with you So, all of this, can be your customers at your parties for an amazing price. Okay, y'all, so now you have your good set, then you have your better with a P with P. Oops, I didn't lock this in. Add your P with P, and now you have your best set. Okay, good, better, best. But wait, there's more. Okay. Are you ready? Okay, so for two weeks of the tear-off, your customers are going to be able to take advantage of not one, not two, not three, but four of our Talavera Collection Dessert Cups, guys. How great is that? And this is your Talavera Collection Jumbo Canister. I know. So, serving at home, serving when you're at the park, when you're at the beach, when you're at somebody else's house, or serving in your backyard. And look how gorgeous is all of these. And with your Talavera Dessert Cup, same concept, guys, they do have seals, a set of four, and notch out on the bottom. They will attach to either your 18-ounce bowl or they will attach to your two-and-a-half bowl. So, you get to decide if you want to have a really spicy, hot chili sauce inside here, then knock yourself out, guys. You can do that and do your regular salsa and all your chips in here. You know what, guys, whether you're going from the pool, to the patio, to your living room, to your dining room, no matter where you're serving, Tupperware can go from fancy-fancy during the holidays or all the way to the backyard, Tupper has the answer for you. So, are you ready to go out and tell your customers how they can be fiesta fabulous using this brand-new Talavera collection just for you in your mid-September Brochure. Okay, guys, so let's recap. So, now, you have your brand-new brochure. For the two weeks of the first two weeks of the brochure, which is the last two weeks of the September sales month, you're going to have the opportunity to offer to all of your customers your good set, which is your Essential Serving Set, okay, your better set, which is your Talavera Collection, your best set, which is adding in your P with P, okay, guys, and your got to have it all which is adding from the tear-off, a set of four of your Talavera Dessert Cups with seals, and your Talavera Collection Jumbo Canister, okay, guys. Now, a little tip that you can share at your parties is, when you're putting the handle on the canister, this is what y'all want to do, okay? You want to take it all the way to the back which is the first, the top notch, and then just slide, okay? Do you see what I just did, y'all? Just slide, okay? And when you do that, go up like this. And, voilà, the handle is on. If you try and put this, if you do this and you come up, and you're trying to pull this up, it won't come up, guys. So, side, slide, up, okay? Side, slide, up. Okay, easy-peasy. Make sure you're showing that to all of your customers, y'all. So now, you know what, guys, the best way to increase your party sales and allow your host to have a maximum of the host credits that you can get is by selling in sets. So, this got-to-have-it-all set is going to give your host an amazing party, and it's going to give you an amazing paycheck. So, are you ready to go out and be fiesta fabulous at all of your Tupperware party? Say yes, say si, say oui. Okay, guys, but there's more on your tear-off. We have our Modular Mates Super Ovals and Rectangulars on sale. 25% on the individual pieces, but the sets are 40% off. So, a great callback to anyone who purchased Modular Mates from you in January. And if you're a new consultant, you want to make sure you're taking these and showing these at your Tupperware parties. Now, the great thing about the Modular Mates, guys, is they have the see-through window and you want to tell everybody at your parties that they have a number attached to the bottom. So, and a one, a two, a three, a four, and a five, and your super ovals, a one, a two, a three, and a four in your Super Rectangulars, okay, guys. Now, another thing you want to show people at the parties is you could make this modular by adding and taking a one, adding it to a four, taking a two, adding it to a three, and, voilà. Guys, you know why these are so great? A: you can see what you need when you're making out your grocery list. Number two is you're maximizing your storage space in your cabinet or in your pantry. So, you're taking the space from the shelf all the way up to the top to the next shelf How great is that? And you know what, guys, everybody knows that everything in your pantry or your cabinets, they all have a home. Now, when your customers purchase, this Super Oval and Rectangular set, it's also going to include one free Pour-All Seal but they can also take advantage of buying two more Super Oval Pour-All Seals when they buy the set for a total of three Super Oval Pour-All Seals. I'm going to tell y'all, they're going to want them, they're going to need them because those Super Oval Pour-All Seals are great. So let's just pretend that you have cereal in here, Super Oval Pour-All Seal. And then, this one right here, guys, maybe you have your rice in here, Super Oval Pour-All Seal. And then, maybe, guys, you're doing wheat rice, so you're doing brown rice in here, Super Oval Pour-All Seal, guys. So, your customers are going to have a need for those seals. And then, another little tip, guys, that I share in all my parties, sometimes people go, "Why do I need a one?" Well, you know what, guys, if the cereal is getting almost to the bottom and you're going to go buy a new box of cereal, take what's in the bottom of the five, put it in the one, put this on top of the five, now you use this first before you start going to this one. But the Super Oval Pour-All Seal on here, so it makes it easier to open and pour. And then once this is gone, now you go into the fresh one. And I do the exact same things, guys, with my one. Whenever I'm running my little one, I'm going to rebuy. I'm going to take it from here, put it in here, put this on top, and then, they're going to use this first, guys, okay? Then, with your Large Spice Shaker sets, guys, all of these, everybody has to have them. Once again, see-through windows, so you know what you have in here. And we have two different openings, the first one, guys, if you want to shake out, but look right here, y'all, okay, it has teeth. so every time you close it, it actually cleans out the pores, so you're not getting everything stuck. How great is that? Tupper thinks of everything. But watch this, y'all, you can also flip this up and now you can pour out if you're doing lots of baking. But you want to make sure you tell all your customers at your parties, Tupperware is one teaspoon, okay, and are one-half everything under the one teaspoon, fit perfect inside here, and underneath here, it's raised, so you can actually level off. How great is that, guys? It fits in, okay. Level out. So, another way to upsell, measuring spoons and our measuring cups, because everybody needs those at your Tupperware party. So, remember, guys, increasing your average order will increase your host credit and it'll increase your paycheck. Okay, y'all, so now I'm taking you to your tear-off for two weeks only. I want to bring you back because you also have your attendance offer and it compliments your Essential Serving Collection and your Talavera Collection. And it also compliments your dessert dishes on the tear-off and your jumbo canister on the tear-off and it is our classic hour-glass salt-and-pepper shakers. And the Seals will be in the Tokyo Blue and the one stick butter dish in the US. and the one-pound butter dish in Canada. Now, guys, this is an upsell at your Tupperware parties. Everybody has to have this and everybody loves this. And you know what, y'all, remember, too, at your parties, if they have a big family, no problem, because they can add on more luncheon plate and they can add on more tumblers with the seals. Okay, y'all, so once again, are you ready to be fiesta fabulous? But what else do we have on our brochure? Let's check it out. Okay, just in time, y'all, to get ready for Halloween, we have your Halloween helpers. Starting with our set of... Oh, my gosh. How cute are these? You get one, two, three, four of our 16-ounce tumblers with a flip-top seal and a snack cup, guys. The entire set and the price is amazing. You know what, guys, at your parties, tell all of your customers that if they're having a Halloween party and kids are coming over what a great treat would this be for them to take home. So, you can put a little bit of candy in here and put some flavored popcorn in here. And then when they go home, they got a drinking tumbler and they got a snack cup for their lunches. But we also have more because we have the best, the best candy bowl ever and it's also our biggest bowl and it is our 42-cup. Thatsa Mega Bowl, guys, and it is in your sparkling orange. How pretty is this, with your black seal. So, yes, it is in your Halloween colors. Has our two handles, guys, and it's going to store all the candies you're going to need to pass out at Halloween. And we also have the official Tupperware Halloween Canister with Carolier bucket. So, here's what you all can do, this is going to come in this really pretty sparkle orange color with the black seal, and it's also going to have a Carolier handle. Now, the nice thing about the Carolier handle, Carolier handle, is when the kids are going out trick or treating, y'all, take the seal off and let them just carry the bucket, just like this, they go to the door, "Trick or treat," they drop it in. And then when they come home, y'all, you just take off your handle, slide it down, that's how you get it off, okay, put the seal back on, okay, and then you can hide all the treats, okay, guys. Then you've got two great bowls that you're going to be able to use during the rest of the upcoming holidays. So, make sure you're taking these, guys, at your parties, and I would take all of these, and I would group it together as a set, okay, as a set. because, remember, when you increase your party sales, you increase your host credit and you also increase your profit. But we have more in your brochure, are you ready to see it? Okay, y'all, and to round off your tear-off, what do you need to take and make for those fiesta parties? You need our amazing Power Chef. You know what, y'all, when your customers purchase the Power Chef, they're going to get not one, not two, not three, but four of our Keepers. We're going to get your Onion Keeper, your Tomato Keeper, your Avocado Keeper, and your Chili Pepper Keeper. And did you know what, guys, when you're making your avocado, I mean, your guacamole dip, just a little did you know, if you take the pit out of the avocado, and after your make the dip, put the pit into the dip, and that will keep your guacamole from turning brown, okay, guys. So, add a little "did you know" at your Tupperware parties. And for all you new consultants watching the studio make sure when you take your Power Chef out and make sure you tell all your customers that this little silicon ring on the bottom comes on the inside, so they need to take it out, and put it on the bottom of the Power Chef, and always make sure you're talking about the guards that they have. And the great thing is if you're making your salsa ahead of time, guys, you can make it up, you can put it back, leave it in your Power Chef, seal it up, guys, put it in refrigerator. And, voila, you can make it ahead of your fiesta party. So, are you ready to go out once again and be fiesta fabulous? Okay, guys. Those fiesta parties continues and your Mandolin is on sale in your mid-September brochure. And, I have to tell you, I do love my Mandolin. So, I want to talk about a couple of features and benefits and a couple safety features, guys. First of all, with your Mandolin, when you customers get it and/or you get, it it's going to come like this. Underneath, there is a different blade. This blade is the wavy blade as I call it at my party. So, if you want to do those crinkle cut French fries like they do at Chick-fil-A, you have a blade to do that. Before you start using your Mandolin, just snap the blade off and put it off to the side, okay. So, now, second thing about our Mandolin that I love is it actually has feet on the front with the little silicone grips and on the bottom and a handle that’s built in. Not all Mandolins on the market have that, guys. And, we don't have one blade, we have two blades, So, we have our curly cut, we have our flat cut. We also have, inside here, we have what I call jaws. I'm going to show you the two blades that are attached to the Mandolin. We also have safety features, y’all. When you're going to—this one right here, on the first notch here is— or your first cab is here's your little padlock. That means it's locked down, guys. And, when it's locked down, you can put your hand across it and you're not going to cut yourself. So, always make sure this, your point, your arrow is pointing to the padlock. Now, when you go to use your Mandolin, guys, if all you want to do is slice something, then all you're going to do is determine how thick do you want your slice and you just pull up the blade, just like this and voila, it's open. Now, the most important safety feature of our Mandolin is our food gripper and hand guard, guys. At my Tupperware parties, this is exactly what I say. This is the most important part of the safety features of the Mandolin. Now, what you're going to do is whatever you're slicing— so your slicing a potato, let's just say, you're going to take the red part of it, you're going to pull up and when you pull up, then, it's going to allow you to take the prongs, you're going to take your potato or zucchini or cucumber, whatever you're going to be slicing, you're going to push it down, okay. And now, you're going to pull up on this, just like this and you have a top hat. Top of the hat, the rim of the hat. You're going to come over to this and you're just going to take this, push down with the palm of your hand and watch, guys, you're going to start slicing. Now look, okay. Can you see this? Now, when the top part of your top hat reaches the rim, slicing is done. Slicing is completely done, y’all. And then, just take this and just move it back up, voila, and remove it and then take this and lock it down right away. Now, this right here is how thin you can get it and you can go even thinner than this, y’all. Now, if you're using jaws, what you're going to do is you're going to open up the thickness of your blade here. And then, you're going to take the second--I call it a knob, and you're going to determine whether you want 9-inch which brings up the teeth, this is jaws, or if you want, 6-inch. Then, you go down, you go back up, you go down, you go back up. And, what happens, guys, instead of getting slices like this, when you raise up the teeth or jaws, you're going to get slices like this. And this is what’s going to make your French fries and your sweet potato fries. Okay, guys. And then, once again, rinse, lock it in place, padlock, lock it in place, guys. That’s the most important thing I can tell you is always make sure that these two little arrows are pointing, this one is pointing to the padlock and this padlock is up position. And then, your Mandolin is 100% safe. It is dishwasher safe, top rack of the dishwasher but you can also just wash my hands and then just let it strain dry. Love my Mandolin, it is on sale, guys, You want to make sure that you take it to all your parties and showcase how great it is. Okay, guys, and another product that I absolutely positively love and it is our MicroPro Grill. I have to tell you, it is the one item that I always encourage my hostesses to take for half price. But, right now, y’all. It is our Say Yes Offer for the month of September so your hostesses can come in, they can say, “Yes!” to the Tupper-opportunity or any guests at your Tupperware parties and they can get our Say Yes Offer, our amazing MicroPro Grill for a very small co-pay. You want to make sure you're talking to your upline director and/or your business leader about all the details and make sure you're talking about how great our MicroPro Grill is because it is the best out in the marketplace. Okay, y’all, so we’ve talked about some great products and great sales specials but we also have an amazing hostess special and this mid September brochure is the last chance your hostesses will have to take advantage of our Fresh and Cool Hostess Special. And you know what, y’all? We have not had these containers in our catalog available since 2014 and they are the bomb, y’all. They are designed to go right into the refrigerator. And, don't forget, guys, the very first gift they give is a Fresh and Cool small just for dating a Tupperware party with you. Here's how I use all four of those containers. The first container they get when they date and hold their party, so I give it to him when I walk through the front door. And then, I add a second small container when they have 10 guests in attendance. They have the opportunity to get a third container when they have $100 or more and paid outside orders and they have the opportunity to complete their set and get all four of the Fresh and Cool small by having one dating waiting for me when I get to the party. I call it the blind date, guys. So, love our Fresh and Cools and I've had several people ask, “Are they freezer safe?” And, you know what, y’all? They are recommended for the refrigerator only. For refrigeration and/or for dry storage goods, guys. But they are absolutely the bomb. Love, love, love them. And, you know what,y’all, I hosted my first Tupperware party many, many, many years ago and from hosting that first party to nine months later saying, “Yes!” to the Tupper-opportunity, it truly did have a huge impact on my life. And, you know what, y’all, make sure that you're talking about your I story and why you said, “Yes” to Tupperware and also showcasing Mercedes why she said, “Yes” to Tupperware and how the opportunity really did change her life. Until I see you next month. Remember, guys, think big, start small but you always want to make sure that you go out and hold a Tupperware party now. See y’all. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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Mid-September Brochure (English-V1)

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