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Going the Distance (2010)

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(girl) What's your favorite food? (guy) Tortellini How would you like to die? Eating too much tortellini. So what's the meanest lie you ever told to get someone out first thing in the morning? I have to meet my wife for breakfast. You've got a little wing sauce... Where? In this general area. [Take my Breath Away music starts] Dad! You know, I just thought maybe it'd be fun if I DJ'd your hookup. What was rule? Just because I can hear you through the wall, doesn't mean I get to participate. Right. I'm leaving in 6 weeks. (Garret) We're saying...(Erin)..Keep it light (Garret) ...disease free and light. (caveman voice) Six weeks too fast. Me like you. Erin! I'll be here, and you'll be there, it will be long distance, because I'm crazy about you. I'm crazy about you too. You want a hug? Okay buddy. Why are your eyes closed? Are yours not closed? No. (Garret over the phone) Is Erin there please? I miss you already. (friend) What are you doing? [with girl voice] Nothing, what are you doing? [with guy voice] Nothing. You need to be clear about what this relationship is. (friend) Can you see other people? I mean he could be out there dry-humping half of New York City right now. Oh, that's scandalous. Dry humping is no joke. I haven't seen my girlfriend in a while, and I'm losing my mind. Phone sex, and lot's of it. (Erin) I'm on top (Garret) Uh, I'm on top, how can you be on top? Didn't I say we were in your car? No, we're on a plane. This isn't really working (dad) I like the airplane. People do cars too much. I've done the long distance thing... Where are you? Huh? ...and it's hard. Please just tell me that you trust me. You know Garret how much I love my sister, so don't break her heart. I really want to come out and see you. (friend) Are we going to do something about your veiny, white skin? [recorded voice] Tanning will begin [bell dings] Tastes gross! Tastes like poison! Phil! They came in so fast, I didn't know where to go. [groans] (Garret) These mashed potatoes are amazing. [loud crunch] Mmmmm. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on May 22, 2010

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