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Why You Want an Introverted Doctor

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For a long time the word "introvert" was a dirty word. People thought Introverts were dysfunctional. Well, I'm an introvert and I want to tell you why you want an introverted doctor. ♪♫ People think Introverts don't like other people. There is nothing that's farther from the truth. Introverts love people. . . just in small doses. An extrovert, when they go to a party They love it, they love the energy, they love the interaction, they love that dynamic nature. They love just feeling that energy in the room. An introvert, when they go to a party, is looking for one of two things They're looking for the person they can connect with and pare down the size of the party and make it a smaller unit so they can manage it or, they're looking for the door. So why is a Chiropractor talking about this? Its pretty simple really. The first reason is for you. Wellness is a physical, emotional and mental experience. So if you are an introvert trying to act like an extrovert Because that's what's socially acceptable, you're trying to be out there and "mix it up" and network and be around other people. You're going to notice it's draining, its taking a lot out of you. and that's not true to who you are You're never going to feel fully comfortable and you're system is never going to fully come to rest. That's not really a wellness behavior. So, if you're an introvert, be an introvert. its ok. And the second reason is, like I said, I'm an introvert and I'm going to tell you why you want an introverted doctor. so if you're the kind of person who just wants to come into the office, get adjusted and get out. I might not be the right person for you, and that's ok. Because I'm an introvert i've intentionally set up my office to work one-on-one and in small groups with people. My focus is to be able to really commit to the moment. And to be really, fully present for people as they are in their healing experience so they can get the most dynamic and rapid change possible. I've enjoyed spending this time with you and I look forward to talking to you again soon. ♫♪♫ If you're interested in doing some work together I'd like to offer you something special. If you go to my website right now at and sign up for my email list I'm going to send you a discount for half off you're initial visit. this is a $40 value. You're also going to get my free ebook and find out what other cool stuff I've got going on in my office. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Posted by: mkreinheder on Nov 21, 2013

Are Introverts weird? People don't usually think I'm an introvert, but I am, big time. Let me tell you why that works to your benefit when you are a patient in my office.

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