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'My Old Lady' Movie Trailer

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>> My name is Mathias Gold. My parents were wealthy. I was born with a silver knife in my back. >> Hello. >> [gasping] >> [speaking French] >> I think it would be better if you spoke in English. [Cohen Media Group] [BBC Films] >> I inherited this apartment from my father. >> This apartment is [speaking French]. >> [making confused sound] >> The buyer must pay a fee until the sitter dies. >> Until you die? >> Until I die. >> French women can live a long time. >> Yes. It's the red win, isn't it? >> Take a walk by the sand and please don't jump in— probably fail to drown yourself and just end up with a dreadful cold. Do you have anything for a headache? >> I used the last sent that I had to get here. >> You came to be fifty-seven and have so little to show for it. [bicycle bell ringing] >> Please don't be subtle with me. >> I'm ninety. Subtlety is not something that interests me. [woman screaming] >> [surprised] Whoa! >> Chloe is my daughter. She lives here. >> What are you doing here? >> Has your daughter ever been married? >> Do you find my daughter iinteresting? >> Fancy meeting you of all French people. >> Stop it. >> [speaking French] >> I don't speak French, but I get the gist of imbecile. >> [speaking French] to me. >> I'm looking to sell. There's only one problem. >> See that old lady? >> This is not good. >> She's ninety. >> Not so bad. >> If we don't receive our money, our lawyers will have your contract made null and void. [Academy Award Winner Kevin Kline] >> I see nothing catastrophic in the two of you comforting each other. [Academy Award Nominee Kristin Scott Thomas] >> I have spent my whole life at your side. I have never left you. >> I never asked for that. [And Academy Award Winner Maggie Smith] >> I don't have a friend in the world. Except for this apartment, I have nothing. >> You have life left. There is no greater wealth. >> You are so beautiful. >> I'm not beautiful. I'm nearly old. >> A perfect flower is nearly old. [A Film By Israel Horovitz] >> Long life. [My Old Lady]

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Posted by: aarp on Sep 19, 2014

An American inherits an apartment in Paris that comes with an unexpected resident.

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