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Social mobility has to do with the class relationship that you have upon your birth and how easy it is for you to move out of that class during your life. In other words, if you're born into poverty, how much of a possibility do you have to become wealthy? Well, as you can see by this chart, the United States home of the "American Dream" has the lowest mobility rate of all the countries in the sample set. There are very high odds that if you're born into poverty, you will stay in poverty. Likewise, if you were born into great wealth you will stay wealthy most likely for the rest of your life. And if you think about it, it's really a form of class segregation. This reality can be blamed, in part on the very mechanisms of our financial system which keeps the lower classes poor and the upper classes rich, deliberately. As a quick example of this: if you have one million dollars and you put it into a C.D. at a bank with 5% interest you're going to generate fifty thousand dollars a year simply for that deposit, you are making money off the money itself; paper made on paper, nothing more, no invention, no contribution to society, nothing. That being denoted, if you are a lower to middle class person who is limited in funds, which must get an interest-based loan like most people, to buy their home or use credit cards then you are paying interest to the bank which the bank is then using, in theory to pay the person's return with the 5% C.D. Not only is this equation outrageously offensive, due to the use of interest to steal from the poor and give to the rich but it also perpetuates class stratification by its very design keeping the lower classes poor, under the constant burden of debt while keeping the upper classes rich with the means to turn access money magically into more money with zero labor or social contribution. This is only one mechanism, by the way, which is used to make sure these class attributes or class segregation, is maintained. Would you like to know more?

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Duration: 2 minutes and 13 seconds
Year: 2013
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: TheFifthGreatApe
Director: TheFifthGreatApe
Views: 47
Posted by: tzmgermany on Dec 24, 2013

An excerpt from 'Social Pathology' by Peter Joseph - video/music by TheFifthGreatApe - This is the working-location for all translations. Completed translations can be found here:

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