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Puma Customisation session with Lusia

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OK This is the tool that you are going to use So, just start. So, what? I just select either one of them? or OK Anything, anyone that you like. Basket Talk Talk About what you are thinking in selecting one of them Right, right Why you Click Why you select that one? Select That one OK, I'm looking at [pointing to the picture] That one doesn't look ... I don't like that one. Bcause of the Style I don't like that style. Hmmm Now, what is this shoe for? It is actually my [...] colours. Sorry Think aloud! OK This is a bit more modern So, let me see how I can Yeah, OK, I'll select that one. I do lots of walking, so Looks like a good walking shoe. So, select a size. Yes, I'm an eight. OK [Pointing to different examples on screen] That's more like it. I like ... the style of the shoe. It looks ... it looks comfortable. From where I am sitting. The style of course looks modern. And thats an... not an important point But, you know, if you have something that goes with every thing you wear and if you gonna wear it everyday and matches your clouse and thats another thing as well I would say Its a good selection of colours [Browsing the examples] I'm gonna choose something that... But at the end you should click on that blank one, because I want you to start from scratch. You can browse through these models, OK, Allright So, before I ... so, OK You can browse those models if you like so see what So, what you are starting from the blank, OK Right, OK So, what am I selecting? What am I doing? I don't know what am I doing. OK, I'm only looking at the shoe and it looks good. Top view, front view, outside view. Do I select all those material? Or... Yes, you should OK, OK. Select the material. [Clicking on the option] Ah, OK. Why do I select that material? Is it gonna last? Is it all leather? OK, Thats good. The are some descriptions up there. When you select each material. Yup. Suede, perforated leather. No. I don't want suede. Because it's hard to look after Black coffee wood grain leather. I don't want matte. Blazing nylon, NO. Black full grain leather. OK, I want leather. Because its nice and soft. And it can expand, too. OK. So, if I selected that. Black full grain leather. No, I want the black leather. OK, oh! what have I done? Now you selected the material for quarters. Whats a quarter? These parts, the main body. OK, main part of... you can move forward. Right. You can ask me any questions you like. I know. I don't know. What am I doing? I go buying shoes and I just look at the shoe and I try it on. and if its good and it fits, then thats it. OK, this is more detailed than what I thought. [clicking on some materials] No. Oh, Red is good! No, I want black. I want black because it goes with everything that I have. OK, so.. So you selected black for that part. Yup. You can go to the bottom for another one. Black and white. [Clicking on yellow] Oh! It doesn't look good. Green leather. [Clicking on violet] No. [Clicking on grey] Silver metallic leather. [Clicking on material] Oh! No! Talk more about what you are thinking about anything that you do. It's good that I can change and I can see what actual shoe looks like with the colours that I'm choosing. so its more or less tailor making it to what I really want. [Clicking on different options] White full grain leather. white shiny synthetic. coffee suede. Haven't seen that one before. Silver metallic leather, OK I'll try that to see what it looks like Logo stamp. Haaa! OK, so you can actually, the logo can actually quite stick out! Outsole Hey, this is good! I can actually choose the colour of the sole and even down to the stitching. OH, My god! This is awesome. I'm just gonna create something thats gonna look ridiculous! but I just gonna find out what else can this program do. Alright, So thats it? Morteza No, you can choose the top and ... Top, Oh, OK, so I can but you should talk more for me. I need your thoughts. Your thought on the material, why do you choose the black line, what is interesting for you about choosing the pink line. Black for me, the overall colour black is because as I said, it goes with everything that I have. No, No, don't get me wrong. I don't want you to justify what you did. At the moment that you are doing those acts, I want you to give me a clue about what I did it now. What I'm thinking about it now. I like black. It's and instinct because its hard to, you know, hard to get dirty. You know, marks on it. Its always gonna be black for for anything. for me, I choose that. So its and instinctive, what you call, choice. Stitching for pink is more about, what you call, what else can I do? Can I get away with pink? Can I get away with having pink stitching, really. So, its a bit more out there, on that side Alright, so, now I got it. Top. Select material. So, select material, vamp. No, eyestay, OK, lets take vamp. White canvas. Oh, Yeah. White canvas. see what that looks like. [Clicking on different materials.] OK, get it. So, thats the part up there. Right Now, white full grain leather perforated, so OK. Important to have holes in the front, for air to come through. So, lets see why I've chosen that. Is that gonna be...No Its gonna be this one. or that one. Right, its gonna be this one. But in colour. No, White. OK, now, I like these because, see you can get air through. Its that part and thats important because you don't want your feet to get swelly. Swelly feet. OK, the eyestay, OH Grey leather. It's black. Ribbon suede. Now, I don't wanna suede on those shoes. Because it's hard to look after suede. So, if my shoes leather, Then I'm gonna keep it at leather I think. But, Colour wise, Silver metallic leather. No, Purple. Right, No, suede, I don't wanna suede. I'm staying away from suede. Waxy leather. I need something bright. Up there. Red ribbon suede. I don't wanna suede on this shoe. So, I want leather. full gold leather. White canvas. No, I don't want a canvas. Silver metallic leather. Because I've chosen leather for the metallic colour in there. So I'm gonna choose that. I want leather, I want to keep the shoes all leather. I don't want suede. The tongue, burnt olive I'm gonna keep it white, Yup. White full grain and leather perforated, Yup. [The tool crashes!] What happened? Wait for it, its gonna work. Takes some time. No? Try another one. [The tool crashes!] Click on one of those red arrows to see... Which one? What did I do? I didn't do nothing. Just continue choosing. So, OK, I'm gonna choose, for the tongue, White full grain leather I wanna keep all shoes leather. And it's soft on that part of the foot. When you are walking. Collar lining material Puma So I could take some graphics I don't know why this is not working. I wanna see it!. I wanna see what its... Collar lining OK, Whisper white. No, I gonna keep it black Bcause its inside. Its hard too ..mmm.. for dirt in that. Don't know why its not working to show you anything. OK, lace. Thin lace. OK Metallic silver lace. No, I don't want that. Bcause it gonna get dirty really easily. So, I wanna go for a darker colour. And, thin. Not fat. New navy. Now, the shoe is purple. It's black. Is there a black thin lace? Yup Black lace. don't have to wash it again. Bcause if you grab white, So, its all gonna be black For the laces. and the sock liner. its black canvas. is it to wash or through in washing machine? You can wash those actually. tongue logo. Green woven Fluro pink! How, well, I'm trying that! That will stand out. More than anything. OK. No, there is something wrong with the system. Because you should have select these and it should work somehow. But its not. I can't see my final product. I refreshed anything. Mongolian shoe. So, you were around here. I was... for the eyestay, Alright, so I'm back to the eyestay which is this. which I chose pink. the eyestay. But there is no pink. No, it was in side panel. Below there, ya. if you click again on that. cable stitching, yup. fluro pink. select the colour again. right, OK. So, that stand out from the black of the sole. so, yes, thats why I chose pink. So, next? Yup, the other panel. The top panel. So, I'm looking at the eyestay. Select material. burn olive canvas. Black suede. So, yes, this is why I chose a white full leather grain. You know, Bcause I wanna keep the shoe all leather. Bcause its a lot softer. OK, now the tongue. White full leather grain. No, its not that. thats it. And its perforated. So you can have air coming through. The collar lining. I wanna keep the shoe all in the same colour. Its gonna be black for the lacing. you can't see the dirt from black laces. It gets dirty easily. These laces So black or darker colour. Sock liner. I'm gonna keep that in... No, thats too dark. White canvas for the inside. and the tongue logo this is where it goes funny. maybe taking long to download No, I think if you click on them, then it starts and pink fluro. Alright, that will then tight in with pink stitching in the bottom. There's something missing. Bcause this part here, eyestay this part here no, thats it! No, you should go now to back, down the panel. Back? oh, OK. so its for back. OK, the heal cap. Now, I need something... navy suede I'm not going suede. I want to keep the shoe all leather. Bcause if I get suede, I'm gonna give that material. So I'm gonna give that black Black coffee suede. Black suede. black. No, I want something, black full grain leather. Yup, that's it. And it's also, dirt wont stick at it so much. so heal cap. What's fot? Black canvas. Ah, it's this part here. White canvas. Full grain leather. So, I'm gonna keep the shoe all leather. I'm not gonna have different materials for the shoe. Its easy to keep it the same. Tongue lining. White textured. And, silver reflective print. Where is that? Fot logo. Oh, maybe its for the logo itself? I think black silver Stands out No. Silver raised print 3D. Yes. OK, should I buy it? Yeah Are you happy with this? I am happy with that. but, can I see the overall? Yeah, you can select any view or rotate it around. OK, front view. Oh, god, what did I create! Oh, yeah. I like that. I'm a very boring person, but That's still good. OK Overall, I think I have just drew a picture of myself actually. I like to keep it simple. To keep it all in one material. Actually it looks good. And its something I would buy.

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a customisation session of Puma shoe with Morteza and Lusia. Video for protocol study

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