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Hey LinkedIn! My Sales Tip for you today is to Mirror & Match your prospects while cold calling. Especially if you are calling B2C. When I first started in sales, I was very excited and enthusiastic, which I still am! Ask anyone that has worked with me in the past, sometimes I'm just too much in general. So I would get on call and get into a conversation, if the prospect was dull and monotone And I would try and pull out any type of personality that I could get out of them. Sometimes I would get discouraged because the call ended badly, and I would think to myself, what happened? Then I really had to take a step back and just follow by their example. When I really started to mirror and match my prospects, I got into more conversations, and went further into the sales process. Which obviously lead to more closings and conversions. There are 4 different personality types while you are cold calling and dealing with sales. Urchins, Dolphins, Whales, and Sharks. Urchins are pointy and hard to get close too (pun intended) So these prospects are very analytical, so you really want to thoroughly answer their questions. Give them the nitty gritty details. Even if it seems trivial to others, really get down and dirty with the details in a timely matter. Then you have your Dolphins Dolphins are my favorite prospects to deal with Because you can immediately distinguish a Dolphin as soon as they pick up the phone Also, you can just have fun with these and I can really be myself By joking around, so have fun with these ones.

Next, you have your whales Whales are very tactful, kind people They really love to help people They're extroverts but introvertered when it comes to business And how you deal with Whales, is that you most importantly respect their time Display your willingness to always help them and to provide them with great support & customer service that they need. That will always reciprocate well with Whales Lastly, you have your Sharks Your Sharks are exactly how it sounds They are the top dog in the ocean So you really have to be assertive and almost aggressive in a sense when dealing with Sharks. Sharks are also very easy to pick up on as well, because they will give you a hard time for sure But if you give them that assertiveness right back to them, they will accept you So there are my sales tips for you today Mirror & Match your prospects which will lead to more closing and conversions! Everyone have a great rest of your day, and I will see you next Tuesday!

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Posted by: shamlin1611 on Jun 18, 2019

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