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ESL: Outback Australia: Ringers on Mulla Bulla Station

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It's four AM in outback Western Australia, and on cattle stations all over the Kimberly, it's mustering time. For nine months, young men and a few women from all over Australia have come to life the life of a 'ringer'. The country's tough and the cattle are pretty wild so the ringers need to be excellent horsemen and -women Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dennis is packing up and getting ready to move camp. Dennis is from Holland, on a working holiday. This is such a big property compared to what the farms in Holland are like. It's not comparable at all. You're walking in green grass, and look at this. It's hot here. I think, sometimes, forty degrees ÂșC during the day, and I heard it's getting warmer. Sometimes it reaches close to fifty. Flies. Terrible. Yep, it's a really good experience, this. Matt is Dennis' off-sider. And, like the others, hasn't been in touch with the outside world for quite a while. Well I probably haven't seen the news for six or seven months... because we don't have a radio or TV, and don't get newspapers unless we go to town. The stations around here are so huge the camp has to be moved up to twenty kilometres every few days and set up again. So the ringers knock off for lunch and help set up camp in time for one of Dennis' gourmet delights... I make goulash, stew, stir-frys... Lasagne, spaghetti... steaks, beef... Four times a day. Yeah, I make quantity. So yeah, heaps of food. That's what they want. After lunch, there's some pressing work to hand. At twenty-one, Charlie is head stockman. No one's here for the money. If you're under eighteen and you're up here, you're on nothing, you know? It's bugger-all. But everyone's happy here. There was nine of us. We lost a fella the other day. He had to go home for his sister's wedding. But there's normally nine blokes in each stock camp, and a cook. The work is tough and dirty, but at the end of the day they know what's waiting for them back at the camp, and tonight is no exception: Dennis' speciality: creamy beef lasagne. We put in some big hours. Like fourteen-, fifteen-hour-days some days. You won't knock off until sort of five, six o'clock. Sundown is the only time the ringers get to relax before an early night and another big day tomorrow.

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