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Editing pages is much the same as... editing posts, you'll be pleased to hear The main difference is that pages are static, fixed content usually linked from your blog's main navigation whereas posts are dynamic, constantly updated content If you'd like to learn more about the difference, there's a video all about it So let's say you want to write an "About Me" page, or... whatever else you'd like to have a page about. Head to Pages and select "Add New" Now, just as with a post, give your page a title and add whatever content you'd like to have in the main body For more tips on this, see our tips on writing and publishing a post... and using the Visual Editor's toolbar The main difference you'll see, besides the absence of tags and categories is the Attributes pane At the top of the page, you have a parent option This allows you to create a hierarchy of pages So, for instance, you might have a main "About" page with a... quick blurb, and then tucked under that... "life story", "contact me", or "my dog" pages Kind of like sub-pages So if you have a number of pages, you can assign a parent to the... pages that you're editing with this option. Finally... you can change the order of your pages if you have several Just assign numbers to each pages, in the order that you'd like... them to appear. If you have this set to zero they'll appear alphabetically in your site navigation So there you go - editing pages is versatile, but pretty much the same deal as putting posts together and gives you a great way to communicate the key facts or ideas about you you life, business or blog, in a place that people will find

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Posted by: wordpresstv on Mar 30, 2009

WordPress lets you create posts (regular blog entries) and pages (static, evergreen content like an About Me page). This video shows you how to create a page

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