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HOM 21 - Martians did the Dirty work of Enslaving the Universe

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: HOM 21 - Anu Enslaves Existence (Jack) Ok, so I was explaining the 'Atlanteans' where now to be 'infused' into the physical human form, and into the 'systems' within the human physical form so Anu said: This will work, we 'capture' the Atlanteans we place them into the human physical form vessel we infuse them into the systems now remember this is the ape-men we have the design of the dinosaurs, you continue with that Serpents and, Sirians and, I will continue Anu and Enlil and Markduk will continue with the design of the ape-men until we have enough as much as the Atlanteans are and the Livuitiuukus will continue with their design of the of nature now the, Livuitiuukus- perceived that they are- preparing a 'a world' a planet, where beings may come and experience themselves 'freely' they are, merely playing with- 'creation' so they enjoyed it, they were beautiful creatures quite fun, they were 'yellow' in nature, in what they look like, yellow beings quite interesting fascinating very naive then (laugh) we will leave it at that so, that's what they did so Anu said: We'll then, infuse the Atlanteans we'll have them remain here, continue we will observe now and then, see how they are doing while that is happening, I will manifest gold, as 'much' as I am possibly able to so that my planet interdimensionally may 'hibernate' with enough gold to sustain itself, until I manifest here in this world they actually had time to do that so they placed in more of those more such diamonds I explained in the beginning, crystals it was diamond shape formed crystals with which the sound resonance frequency that resonate 'continuously' from those crystals see diamonds are- are manifest in such form that it's in infinite sound frequency vibration because it's kind of contained in the- in the diamond crystal form, the geometric shape inside it, it is an infinite structure of sound of vibration which stretchs out infinitely so, it is able to vibrate infinitely to manifest the necessary gold out of what exists, within the earth we'll do that "and then"! we'll go from planet to planet we will take out 'all' of existence of course, Sirians and the Serpents 'loved' that idea so that only the Sirians the Serpents and the Annunaki were the 'rulers', of existence because otherwise they wouldn't be able to continue their plan 'as and' it will make the, process of evolution of the systems as the Annunaki and the Sirians faster, more effective and they 'require' 'millions and billions' of people of human beings, to be able to do, what is necessary to be done and so the Sirians and the Serpents, 'loved' this idea of course they- they agree whole-heartedly because it mean they'd have power, and "lots of it" and, this is where the Martians now comes in as well the Martians were the ones that- did the dirty work if I may place it from to that perspective for the Sirians and Serpents and the Annunaki what they did is they of course went to, from planet to planet captured the beings and brought them to earth but to that I'll come in a moment so first let's continue with how the, Annunaki enslaved, the- Atlanteans very fast, very effective so the races of the Annunaki, the Sirians and the Serpents all three together, now that's a lot of beings for only one race which was the Atlanteans the Annunaki, had the- it was 'one moment', very quick so the Atlan- the Annunaki had the physical form ready for each and every sing Atlantean there was a form with the systems already prepared within these manifested form of ape-men and one by one the- Sirians and the Serpents and it was the Martians at that time too got a hold of the Atlanteans now remember there wasn't anything like 'defense' mechanisms or light spewing, and then you explode, or laser beam things like that, no the Atlanteans didn't play with those things, the Atlanteans were peaceful race they were, expressive in sound only they were the expressions of pure sound but not sound as it that you 'hear' actual sound as the expression of Life I'd say that's why they were able to use the Atlanteans, only- actually for the Life-force, 'essence' of the systems so they got all the Atlanteans, eventually many ran, many escaped went to other- planets so in terms of the enslavement of the rest of existence it had to happen quite fast though they got most of the Atlanteans and, it was very quick you know when, the Annunaki, the Serpents the Sirians and the Martians encircled them all of them and so what happened is when the Atlanteans started (quickly) running to, escape herein comes the Martians, the Sirians and the Serpents all those races and then they pulled them to the Annunaki one by one physical form was ready, they just place them in integrate, lock in, complete done and then they just put these ape-men system designs with the Atlanteans inside on earth happened quick they were about- I think seven thou- no no not seven yah! about seven thousand Atlanteans who 'did not' who did escape now their escape was fascinating they escaped within the actual 'water' what they did was they infused themselves into, and as the water the sound resonance, manifested sound resonance though to make sure they didn't go to other planets of course then the Martians left to make sure you know, they make a call to the planets and just find out how they're doing if there are if they have been warned of any 'threats', in existence and, they didn't find any so they realized that the Atlanteans merged with the actual water of this planet this is Jack, I'll continue in my next interview, thanks Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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