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The objective of this project was to study 3 things Whether or not thicker glass could retain more heat Whether tinted glass retains more heat than clear glass And whether or not the convection inside the room affected both these phenomenas There have been many advancements in the field of building engineering in recent years but not much attention has been paid to the windows of a building Thus a major outcome of this project is the increase in everyday energy efficiency This group will try to prove that convection in a closed system increases the rate of heat dissipation to the surrounding areas In order to test this theory the group built a scale room made of polyfoam Where the measurements of height, width and length were 30 cm And where a portion of the box was left empty Where a place of glass would be fitted and then changed depending on the conditions that were being tested A heat gun was then used to heat the box up to a temperature of 50°C to 60°C And the VI would start recording up until the box cooled down to the ambient temperature Or in this case, we used 27°C as opposed to 25°C because the box would take too long to reach the ambient temperature This was done with one sheet of clear glass, two sheets of clear glass And a sheet of tinted glass And of course all these conditions were tested under the effects of convection through a fan Placed inside the box, and without the fan on In order to calculate the theoretical amount of heat transfer through the glass we used Fourier's Law Which was then compared to the experimental values obtained in the results of the VI The results show that internal convection did not affect the speed at which heat dissipates from the box And this is due to the sealed nature of the box Internal convection, instead, made heat more evenly distributed inside the box Which is seen by comparing each thermocouple The results also show, that whether or not the glass Was tinted or clear, did not have an effect on the amount of heat dissipation from the box And this is due to the source of heat not being radiative

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260 video

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