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The Ant and the Aardvark_Ants in the Pantry_2

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Bonga Pest Control? You say you're having PROBLEMS / TROUBLE with ants? We'll get a man there today. What's the address? 4-0-2 Bongo Road, right! Thank you! FOUR - OH - TWO - BON - GO - ROAD Four Oh Two Bongo Road... Here I come! Oh, boy! ANTS!!! You know, most ant BEARS / EATERS have trouble getting enough to eat. But not this kid! I get all the ants I want. Why? Because I've got BRAINS / WITS ! Let's see now! What was that address? 024 Bingo Street! Or was it 204 Bongo Place? Bongo Drive? Oh, yeah! 402 Bongo Road! Uhm!.... a telephone! I've got a call to PLACE / MAKE! Hello, Bonga Pest Control? Cancel the call to 402 Bonga Road. I'll take CONTROL / CARE of the ants myself! And now for our little nourishment! La-da-da-dee-dee ♪ hum-hum-hum ♫ La-dee-doo ♫ la-dee-doo-doo-dade ♪ Uh-oh! Oh yes! You're looking at an ant eater who hasn't eaten an ant for a long time It's no use, ant. All I have to do is SWITCH / TURN on my built-in vacuum and inhale you like this At-t-t-t-t-i-i-ssSH-ooOO!!! atishoo-oO! Oh, boy! Right now I could use something for a HEADACHE / SORE BODY! That's one reason why they don't send ants to college Nobody likes a SMART / CLEVER ant! OK, smart ant! You aren't the only one who can walk on WALLS / CEILINGS ! Now ant, a demonstration of AARDVARK / ANTEATER ingenuity! How about this, ant? You're not playing the game, ant What's that? It sounds like sawing! and saw dust too! Oh, no! Even an ant wouldn't stoop that low! I bet you don't have a RIVAL / FRIEND in the world, ant. You've got an enemy though, ME! Now when that ant hits this wax floor He's gonna get nowhere OK, smart ant. You need extermination! And I'M the exterminator! You hear me again: I'M the exterminator! So you think that's FUNNY / AMUSING ? Safari bus goes past here once a WEEK / MONTH And this one had to to be now! Come out of that RUG / CARPET, ant or I'm coming in after you OK, ant! You had your WARNING / AWARENESS! You're almost out of rug, ant. You had better come out or you'll be an ant BURGER / MUSH Aha! There you are! I guess I'll have to GIVE UP/ FORGET ABOUT ants. They're bad for my STOMACH / HEALTH. With a mouth as small as mine the only OPTION / CHOICE I've got is spaguetti! And I LOVE / HATE spaguetti! Spaguetti! I just LOVE spaguetti! You know spaguetti ain't bad. It tastes like ants! Come back! I'm losing the FLAVOUR / TASTE! Come back! wait! I can't stand spaguetti! Come back!

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Duration: 6 minutes and 14 seconds
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Genre: Animated
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Posted by: ecuenca on Apr 16, 2011

I will use part of this this episode of the well-know cartoon series The Ant and the Aardvark to show my students what an aardvark is (I've chosen the aardvark as the group's new mascott) while the revise or learn some new vocabulary, develop their listening skills, pronounciation, etc.

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