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This week's portion, in other words, this coming Shabbat we will be reading the portion of parashat Tetzaveh. What does this weekly portion deal with? With the clothing of the priest, The clothing of the priest. And we ask the obvious question. What is clothing? What is the purpose of the clothing, number one? Then what does that do for us? In parashat Tetzaveh there are exactly one hundred and one verses. Exactly! Why? Is that of any concern, how many? For us it is a concern. Why? Because verses are the physical structures the way we perceive, when the way Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai perceives the words of the Torah as what? Manifestation of the force. Now, do we think that they're just by chance... the Rabbis decided so many verses... if you look at the at the scroll themselves, it is not divided into chapters, you know. Chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 46... They're not divided. There are no numbers there, how many verses are to be. The Rabbis decided that, the sages. Now why did they choose it? 101 to this particular portion... They had a reason, it is a clue! Now, for those of you studying Kabbalah know the significance of 101. What is 101? Michael, Michael... That immediately furnishes us with a clue about what this whole parashat is about. And what the clothing were about? And what the clothing are going to do for us today? Reading chapter 28, verse 5, where it says: "And they shall take the gold, and the blue and the purple, and the scarlet, and fine linen" Is this a prescription for nice clothing? Is this a designer's clothes, in other words? Mitssalel was noted as a designer of clothes? It doesn't say that. But, why did they take these particular colors? The reason, says the Zohar, they took these particular colors because colors become manifest according to the way they appear. In other words, just like electricity can appear in a generator... tremendous force... also electricity can appear in a 5 Watt bulb. In other words, how it becomes manifest in what it becomes manifest so shall be the intensity of the force. Colors, says the Zohar, reveals the same idea. We are not discussing on how clothing become nicer or how to make a nice suit of clothes. We are discussing the power of colors. This combination of all of these colors that were taken, says the Zohar [.....Hebrew.....] And they structured it together with this particular formula What happens? [.....Hebrew.....] Says the Zohar: What happened was the force of Michael, the angel Michael, and what is the angel of Michael? The force of right column, the force of Chessed, which is the force of the Cohen Gadol. What is the difference what clothing he would wear? Someone even once asked me "Why do you wear this?" I said personally I probably would be more comfortable in a t-shirt maybe and a pair of a sweat pants. I mean, is this as comfortable let say as as jeans and or sweat pants or sweat shirt?The truth... physically what do we feel better wearing? Would I be better off, at least I don't wear a tie, so I feel more comfortable without a tie. And we imagine if I would had to wear a tie all the time, I mean... feel so bungled up, cramped... What's this whole business about clothing? In fact, maybe the Torah was responsible for people going out to spend enormous sums of money for something that they might wear only once, just for one occasion and throw it out. What a waste. Can't we make weddings with jeans? Look how much cheaper everything would be. Why must be the other way around? Who started this business? I know who the culprit is. The Cohen Gadol, he is at fault. The answer is no. If you are not comfortable with the clothing it is because the colors, the stitch... whatever... Does that match you!? So when the Torah says Prepare these kinds of clothing for Aaron, for Aharon, the high priest to wear because they knew that the kind of clothes that Aharon must wear must be those kind of clothing that matches his structure. His structure was what? Chessed. He was the Cohen Gadol. He is the structure of Yom Echad. He is the structure of Michael. He is the structure of unity. And so, when he blesses us, he is blessing me, he is blessing him, he is blessing her. All peoples he can bless? He can! You know why? Because he contains all. The Cohen Gadol can provide everyone with a blessing. Why? Because he is Yom Echad. He is Chessed. To have the force of Hashem become manifest it must ultimately be channeled through the force of Michael. The force of chassadim. Because the force must always be enclosed, housed... What we learned in the morning, Or de chassadim it must be cloathed in the internal energy intelligence called Chessed.

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