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Going Home

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"Next message." "Mom, Dad has just got shot in the face. Call back as soon as you get this. They're fittin' to take him to the hospital in Highland." "You heard it?" I mean, while I was unconscious I had so many dreams. And I never could figure out what was reality and what was a dream, 'cause when I woke up, in my dreams I had been shot like six times. So I didn't know what was real. "Our oldest son describes his face right before the bullet hit as terror, like he wanted to try and reach back for the kids. He said that he saw this terror come across his dad's face that he hadn't seen before." "What's the basis of what happened?" Somebody acting crazy driving. Kind of like a road rage type incident. These two and my oldest son were in the car with me when I was shot. "Anaya saved his life." And my youngest one right here, Anaya, is the one that held the pressure on my bullet wound. Blood was gushing out. I believe she was drenched in blood. "Anaya, you're a brave little girl." Oh yeah, she was strong. "He didn't have health insurance coming in, but, like I said, the doctors spared nothing." I guess I'm actually kind of nervous to go home, because I've got to readjust, get used to everything again, being in this... being like I am now. It's just... But as the days go by, I'm sure... I'm sure it won't take long. Can't wait for this right here. My peach cobbler that Ms. Love - one of the nurses, Sandra Love, made me. It's my favorite dessert. "You're a miracle baby." Yes ma'am, thank you. Can you write - you got the number? "Bye, Ms. Love!" Don't do that. Who has my peach cobbler? Hold on. Shawndra, do you have it? The peach cobbler. Where is my cobbler? They gonna tear my cobbler up. "It's not in here." It's not in there? "Oh, you did so good!" Thank you so much for everything. I've never really taken anything for granted, but now I look at things, and... I mean, I... I do, really, see how things can really change in the blink of an eye, how a person's life can change so quickly.

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Posted by: vardogrsen on May 16, 2011

"In the summer of 2009 Andrew Morris was shot in the head in a road rage incident while driving with his three young children in Oakland, CA. With the courageous help of his children he survived and spent a month recovering at Alameda County Medical Center's Highland Hospital. He was later transferred to Fairmont Rehabilitation Hospital where he received physical, occupational and speech therapy."

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