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DNA as TIME DEFINED - the Who you Are?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: DNA as Time Defined This is DNA as time defined the creators or designers of this existence of this reality had a certain specific understanding of- what it actually really means to be here within and as the expression of yourself as here everything and all of- everything and all exists here as you one and equal thought this was only a understanding- not yet lived it was known to exist so what the creators, designers of this reality this existence did? was the following: take here which is- where all and everything of all and everything exists one and equal as you literally stretch it out into a 'time line' of a beginning and an end which work as follows, what they did is as follow: they took beings literally swiped meaning removing their entire comprehension of themselves so that they literally became these empty shells with a conscious- and awareness of their existence but no self awareness- of who they are here and projected each one outward alright? so it took the beings projected their here of themselves outward and manifest it into a time line creation process and then put them in the beginning and manifested an experience for them whereby everything seemed new whereby they had the perception idea and believe that they didn't know or understand anything they had to 're-discover' themselves over a time line period process which is referred to as evolution so sent all the beings to the beginning to go through a phases and stages of evolution 'discovering themselves' when actually they already existing within themselves that what they are existing within an experiencing is actually themselves! only projected, into a manifested creation, within a time line period outwards where does the DNA fit here? as follows: understand- each and every single being within this existence is experiencing their own creation - who they are here so this manifested physical existence is billions is zillions of individual creations manifested as one each individual being's self as who you are here was projected outward manifested it into a creation - with the time line from a beginning to end you will re-inserted into yourself basically to rediscover or re-experience yourself from a separated separation starting point of view so you always exist in separation with yourself, because you are in yourself! being in yourself - separation instead of realizing that all and everything of who you are is your entire creation as this existence is here as you now the DNA as the physical as the fabric the essence of this manifested existence was imprinted- with each and every single being's projected creation as the manifested projection of who they are here and in that imprint came this manifested - physical existence so in each being's DNA, the entire manifested construct of DNA exist the imprint of each and every single being's- projected creation of 'who they are' and that is how- this manifested physical existence is able to exist within a time line manifested construct of beginning, and end because each and every single being is existing within their time stretched creation of themselves consisting of and existing as a beginning and an end so all beings within and as this physical manifested existence is existing in and as their own creation as a projected manifestation of who they are - here you are all- stuck in your own creation in your own projected manifested - expression of who you are within a time line construct of beginning and end therefore what is this manifested physical existence? it is you, you are existing literally 'in your self' projected and manifested outward instead of realizing, what each one must realize is that each and every single being as who they are is! you here each and every single manifested expression in this existence is! you here! realize what is the illusion that beings and what it is apparently there, it's not it's right here as you and this is everything and all that existed so understand this process to self-realize you, you must stand one and equal as literally everything and all that existed not excluding even one refraction of a point thank you very much More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Apr 4, 2010


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