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Chatterbox XBi2 first time syncing 2 units together

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in this video I will be showing you how to pair two of the XBi2 units which is the first initial set up that is needed when you take the units out of the box after purchasing them. This process will only needed to be done one time. After this one time the units will automatically recognize each other and all you will need to do is just turn the units on so the first thing you want to do is have everything taken out of the box and have the units in front of you you also want to have the headset already plugged into the units so that you are able to hear them after you do the pairing process the next thing you want to do is choose which one of these two units you want to be the main unit you have to distinguish a main unit between the two units and label or mark it. we are going to use this model here as the main unit. The first thing you want as you can see both of them are in the off position there are no lights blinking. Take the main unit and just turn it on by holding the power button down until you see it light up after that you can push and hold the power button down and hold the other unit on. You will then notice that both lights will be blinking so that you know at this point that they are in the ON position. The next thing you want to do is take the main unit first and locate the power and mode button which are directly above and below each other you want to take your two fingers and push and hold the power and mode button down at the same time for about four seconds until you see the light begin to blink blue and red very fast like so at that point you just let go of the buttons and this unit is now in the sync mode the next thing you want to do which is very important is take the second unit and do the same thing and push the same buttons except you will not hold them down this time. You want to push the power and mode button together for one second just a simple push and release like so and you will notice that it will blink fast then turn off. The second unit will turn off first after about five to six seconds later the main unit will turn off automatically it is very important that the light on the second unit blinks fast and turns off right away after pushing the power and mode button and five to six seconds later the light on the main unit will end up turning off and in the end both units will be in the off position this is how you know that the pairing process was successful and that you did it correct so we can now consider these two units to be paired with each other. The way to double check that is by turning both units on by pushing the power button until the light turns on and they should automatically be linked to each other already the way that you want to make sure after the two units are on is by pushing the intercom button on either of the two units which is located at the front of the unit. You want to push that down and you will notice that it will beep a couple times and let you know that your in that mode. The next thing you want to do is adjust the volume level on both units. when you push the button for volume up you will notice that it will beep each time. when you reach the highest setting you will notice that it will beep twice to let you know it is at the highest volume setting and at that point you can talk into either microphone and talk into it to make sure that it works check check one two three one two three. check one two three like so at this point you will know that everything is successful and you want to double check to make sure that both microphones are working the last thing that I wanted to mention is in order to engage or disengage the intercom mode all either of the two of you need to do is push the intercom button which is the button in the front. in order to disengage it you want to push and hold it down and you will hear it beep four times. At that point it is now out of intercom mode so you will not be able to hear anything and either one of the two of you can push the button again and you will be back into intercom mode to where you can talk back and forth to each other. So this finalizes the initial pairing process of the XBi2

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Posted by: chatterboxusa on Dec 23, 2009

Chatterbox XBi2 - This process is needed during the initial set up of two units to each other. Once finished, this processs does not need to be done again. The two units will now remember each other once completed.

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