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Dave Ulrich - Living in a paradox managing tension and duality

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-Paradox means two things that don't necessarily go together. On the one hand, coming out of this pandemic we have to care for people and there's a lot of attention on the emotional the empathy the caring about the people and we have to attend to the orginization. If we can create an organization that wins in the marketplace there is no workplace. So we have a paradox. People and organization, we have to be bold we have to be short-term, we have to be decisive, we have to prune the trees, and we have to have long-term values. Because what we do as leaders today with our people is magnified over and over. We have to converge, we gotta focus, we gotta prune the trees, we gotta cut costs, and we gotta diverge and encourage divergence and new opportunities We have to be resilient as I said and we have to be aspirational. My job as a leader is to lead and build my talent so that we can navigate those paradoxes. We have done a lot of research on this. We've identified four or five skills as a leader that I can do. I've just listed those. One is deal with cognitive complexity. Am I comfortable being around people, think differently from me? You know it's interesting that just being aware of the world we live in is so critical and everybody has their point of view. Number two, can I disagree without disagreeing. Without being disagreeable. Can I be socially endearing? You know my wife and I have been together now for forty-five years and there are still times we disagree and that's okay. That's okay, it's out of some of those disagreements that we learn. Am I as a leader able to navigate and manage that paradox of disagreement. Am I socially connected with people I don't normally connect with. Well we're distancing socially this is also a great time to connect with people you may have known years ago in college maybe friends others, connect with those who are not like you. Am I aware of my own predispositions. And number five, am I grounded in my values?

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Posted by: wobi on Apr 7, 2021

Dave Ulrich - Living in a paradox managing tension and duality

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