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How It's Made how DVD & CD Are Made

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Compact Disc are copies made form an original glass master disc A thin plate of glass is first placed in this unit, which brushes the surface to perfectly clean it. The machine starts up. Cleaning is done with ionized water and a small goat hair brush. The excess water is eliminated by the rapid rotation of the disc. The disc then goes into the surface analyzer, where a laser beam inspects the cleanliness of the surface. At this stage two chemicals are applied: A primer, and a photo resistant coating. This operation is done at a temperature of 21oC and lasts 3 minutes. The disc is delicately retrieved form the apparatus Then the photo resistant coating dries in an oven for 30 minutes. This developer has two spouts One applies the ionized water, and the other sprays a solution to develop data edged on the glass The information is now engraved on the disc. The disc is placed in this metal coating equipment the next step consists of applying a thin coating of Nickel and Vanadium This electro forming process results in a master, from which discs will be made The edge glass is immersed into chemical solution for 70 minutes. Then the plated peace is removed, thus obtaining a die. This die is sent off for finishing. It is stamped out into the desired shape. The excess material is later recuperated for recycling. Following on, the compact discs will be fabricated from this master unit. Here we clearly see the stamping out technique. The master is taken out. A technician peels off the film which protected the data edged on to the die. Following a visual inspection, the die is sent to the pressing department. The die is delicately installed into mold, which will form compact discs. Discs are made form a very special plastic called polycarbonate. The mold is closed, and liquid polycarbonate is injected into the die. It comes out as a small, hard, trans-lucid disc. It is now ready to be metal coated, so it can be read by a compact disc reader. A robotic arm lifts the disc from the mold and places it on this supports. This metalizing process is extremely short and very simple- taking about a second. It consists of covering the plastic disc with a very thin coating of aluminum. Here we see the inside of the mold where the aluminum coating is applied. In this facility almost everything is automated. This allows for the production of over 100.000 compact discs per day. Protecting the surface of the disc is essential so a coat of varnish is applied which also allows silk screening to stick well to it. Ultraviolet lamps very quickly dry the varnish. And here, in the pressing room, they apply the label this step is also very fast, since the machine prints 70 discs in 60 seconds. Once the silk screen is completed the finished discs leave for packaging.

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Video shows how dvd & cd are made.

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